#NoSpend starts now!/Xnol costume debacle


Holding steady at US15m, 380k downloads for July.

The spend decline may be for real.


Good! I hope more realize what’s really going on and deeply cut their spending


Were you able to find any numbers for their WS sales?

Nah. It’s proprietary info. Need insider assistance for that.

I can only guess from overall numbers how much WS contributed: earlier post

That Red Redemption is hosted by Switch. Console or something. Can’t find revenue for that but it should be at least 3-5m to be mentioned.

EP should be contributing between 10% to that average monthly of 214m => about 20m or 21.4m => WS is about 5-6m monthly ?

It could be less though.

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The fact that they’re continuing as they have planned, I’m not sure there is a decline. I know quite a few that have swapped to buying offers on the WS from the app stores.

Yes correct. It makes economic sense.

Assuming some players who spend 5k (averaged) monthly switched over to WS, and there are 100 top alliances, all 30/30

=> that’s already 15m! :laughing:

At 50% migration, that’s about 7.5m. This number is definitely achievable, bearing in mind all the new heroes released.

Before WS was launched on 2-6-2022, May 2022 revenue for AG was 21k. Assuming zero decline and consistent spending, WS revenue should be about 6m?


Just look at current def to see how much “scaled back” means :sweat_smile:

Cant be departed from spending for long - only seven days at most

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No Spend is over. They did scale back while it was going on but no longer. There’s no need to try to shame people for their spending. It just makes you look petty. It’s their money and they can spend how they like.


ohh look miss defend of big spend comes for help :sweat_smile:

his “help” how not to spend with changing settings is just one month old - long after that nospend “movement” - which nobody really cared about either - was long forgotten

i dont care what anyone spends as im doing this myself way too much but i was really amused how funny this post looks like from certain people

its like beer company telling people not to drink & drive :smiley:


Obviously you care because you keep posting, :woman_shrugging:

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yeah like said before i care because its very funny - but you also seem to really care about my posts so everybodys happy with caring for others people postings
so be glad miss tooty :sweat_smile: see you on nospend movement part 7


This is the explanation I needed , in English, about why this is a big deal. Thank you.

That’s a pretty damning post. I’m sorry to see a community used that way.

What does the debacle of Xnol’s costume have to do with #nospendmovement? let’s be honest here. Who cares about Xnol’s costume? I surely don’t. Xnol’s costume will only be relevant for as long as Xnol’s costume featured afterwards. He’ll take a seat amongst the other heroes, collecting dust. We have more than enough healers that are better than Xnol’s costume. It’s wrong what they did, but hey they’re here trying to make money. We’re here trying to play. We have to both coexist in the same game.
Most of us are going to get the costume when we’re trying to summon for someone else and others that are team no spend are going to use a coin and get the costume either way both sides are getting the costume but the difference is what you do with the costume. Everybody’s really upset about this. I think the best move is to feed the hero right when you get it. Show SG you will not stand with the costume.
As we all know, honesty is the best policy. No one’s going to get rid of the costume. Everyone is going to keep it, hoping a buff arrives soon. Isn’t it funny we argue about a certain hero but if we get the hero; we keep the hero. What happened to hating the hero? Guess that’s out the window.

Let’s talk about the no spend. I think we have it all wrong. I think we’re looking at the wrong thing. NoSpend on Heroes. yeah, that’s great you know what we should really push no spending for? we will not spend until they open the door to the stronghold. I want to see what’s inside. There are so many windows and we only have access to the museum. Can they turn these villagers into shop owners? I want to spend on that.
What about that real big dragon in the sky? How many times must I tap it, hoping that it falls down like The Angry Birds? I need to know if this is possible. Can someone spend the time relaying this to the devs on finding this out for me? I need to know whether this dragon is a part of the future Dragon event. Do we click on this dragon and we take to another location? I need to know these things so if someone can spend some time figuring this out, that’d be great?

We’re back to this joke? What for? Xnolphod c?
Dont spend before you cater to whatever virtue signaling this is.
I’ve seen the defenses of a lot of people making a buzz here, so i cannot take them seriously.

Also, let them nerf that damn Aramis already. Its time should be passed by now. I need to see something else as tank. Something new that gives 1000000% dmg to all on VF speed… hopefully with ridiculous doodle art. :partying_face:


20 more nopes.


Remember #NoSpend

I dont pay any cents on this rigged game since 2020.

Just play few times daily and not win any war battle after get warning from support because give negative feedback. :joy:

Absolutelly crap game.

If this game is sooooo bad then why are you still playing it!


Good question. Hate it every time i open it .

Update for September numbers:

I believe overall spend has declined in September, hence the increased fervour for money.

Top Troops seems to be picking up in terms of downloads and $$$. Started tracking numbers from Sept.

SWH has not been launched globally. At least not in SG. I tried to download to have a go at it.