#NoSpend starts now!/Xnol costume debacle

Well, you also can’t proof that the spaghetti monster doesn’t exist.

Seems to me, nospend is more of a religious movement.

The way of argueing is Identical with how creationists defend their beliefs.


You mean like you’re doing to anyone who disagrees that this was a “win”?

Seems like you’re doing the “belaboring and misinterpreting” here…guy who always and all over the forum bemoans the rise in power gap between old and new heroes. Bait and switch to try and make a point you go through is quite hilarious and very typical of you.

In order for something to be effective, it has to have an effect upon which it’s being applied. This had zero effect, thus making it ineffective. Trying to “play with words” doesn’t make your point valid.

Really? How many different ways can you interpret a “win” as far as the “nospend” and its demands are concerned? Where is the win and to which of the outlined demands does it apply to?

Yea. I’m disappointed in a proclamation of faux “win” when literally nothing was won/achieved from their list of goals. Except the buffs to their rosters and once that was done, everything went silent and #nospend was removed from their alliance names/banners/in game names.

Why’s that? Are we not allowed to comment and post our opinions on a thread in a public forum? Or does that “offend” you because it doesn’t align with yours? I mean, if anyone should take over it should be you since you’re always complaining about the power difference between older and newer heroes. I mean, it only makes you look hypocritical to defend something against which you’ve been complaining only for….ever.

You have been defending an outcome you’ve been complaining about all over the forum as a “win” while completely ignoring what’s been outlined in the OP and subsequent comments by the organizers (none of which has been achieved) and running around in circles projecting, as you typically do. Your hypocrisy and twisting of words is well known. Anyways, cheerio!

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why thank you, @Spice :slight_smile: Appreciate it a lot!

and I completely agree, re asking for better if we’re not satisfied - it should certainly be possible to improve things while still generating revenue!


I’m still wondering what happened to that thread re capping damage from specials. the one in the original premise of the big balance update.

but you are right, even if some kind of cap were implemented re special skill damage, newer heroes are harder to kill, while older heroes remain as brittle as they used to be (base stats wise; am sure some will point out we could emblem, LB1, LB2, get costumes for those old heroes but base-stat wise they still start out behind anyway…!)

so harder-to-kill new hero, even with reduced damage output, can stay alive and hit again and again and again.

(and some dangerous newer heroes rely on ailments/buffs/fiends anyway, so even with a special skill damage cap they remain very dangerous…)


While at the same time the newer ones are getting the same things so….still brittle.

Take a guess at what happened here? Heroes with stat boosts va heroes that didn’t get the stat boost. Definitely a “win”…for me. With the “balance” and in the raid battle. :rofl:

You know… it really is disheartening to see the banners wiped from the alliances. At first I thought, the update is done, let’s move on.
And then I thought who would want to keep at it with all these torches and pitchforks that have been waving around this entire time.

That’s the part I truly don’t understand.
It’s not enough for some… that the best way to reach the devs is burnt to ashes!
Some want to defecate on those ashes and try to light them ablaze again. Oh, oh yeah right, you want to point at the naked emperor, k… bravo! That just seems self serving to me. And is doing a fine job of completely wiping out all hope of reaching the devs.

Write a ticket…
Write a letter… you could fly to their front door, someone will nod, pat you on the head and be back to business-as-usual before you exit the building.

But cut revenue in half and everyone in their office will sit upright.

It reminds me of @Saros
He didn’t beat on a drum…
Back when this first started, He said that #nospend wouldn’t work.
Some naive soul like myself told him maybe this time would be different.
He politely wished them luck and checked out of the conversation.

He came back to leave a third and final message on the subject, that was quite remarkable:

Here it is…

Laying out everything that would happen!

I respect that he didn’t seek to elevate himself by trying to cut down someone like toots.

And sure enough… the community proved Saros absolutely correct.

There will be no unity.

And now… there will never
NEVER be a successful nospend.
No way…
No how…

However… I believe there will be an unsuccessful one. That will occur naturally as folks tire of the gacha mechanic and the chores that it brings.


I can’t speak for here but there have certainly been advocates for nerfs within the forum. I think it would be better if we had a united voice to oppose all nerfs.
If SG wants to bring out an OP hero, that can be their problem. There’s no way forum members should support the nerfing of that hero once it’s been advertised and pulled for. Nerfing is theft.

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I’ve also found myself sticking to my “newest” heroes when facing the toughest defenses.

If I just wanted to win, why would I bring Devana, C-Joon, Seshat, Gregorion, when I can just stick Nyx/Amethyst/Diaochan in and win more easily?

it’s a bit sad, but it is the state of things in the game…


I feel your sadness and disappointment, @Pompitous .

I myself feel tired, what keeps me in the game is that I’m not playing very competitively, so I am still a bit shielded from the newer stronger heroes. a bit. but they are trickling down to where I am, especially when I gain too many cups and fly too high to the sun so to speak.

@Saros makes a lot of good points often. I haven’t seen him in a while…and I just realized he has quit :frowning:


Just FYI, #nospend is still riding high in our alliance name :sunglasses:

No idea how many of the alliance are continuing to nospend/spendless etc, but as ive said elsewhere, Im still continuing with it.


There is NO movement, just a few trying to push their beliefs.

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I dont know about that… i see plenty of bowel movement.

Metaphorically speaking🤪

Dude I’m tired. Tired of getting beat up. People like you who did nothing to support and everything to attack. Someone else can pick it up. Me? I’m Salmon warring and enjoying the game.


successfully and with at least as valid a following as the similarly valid belief pushing above. Let’s all have respect.
(Having said that, there have been a lot of facts presented by way of substantiation).

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and yet there’ve been a lot of threads and posts in support of movement.

The rally cry was met with boos. And the naysaying continued throughout. But you didn’t give up!

Kudos toots… for keeping your head up and trying to do something, versus just complaining.
I think there is a mental condition, prevalent with gamers… that gives them a dopamine shot by cutting other people down. By pointing at the emperor or anyone else for that matter, they feel elated.
The sad part is that most everyone were in agreement that the BBU was a bad idea, barring a minute few that couldn’t tell how powerful original Costume Krampus was.
…No one that can see actual value in the game wanted this. And that gave me hope that you would prevail.

I’m still with you though. A “win” is always measured. You did rally a large group! And got a good portion of folks talking. It’s small… but I don’t think that is meaningless. Thank you for that.

Now you hang your hat up and are being booed for that as well. I’m surprised you hung in there as long as you did.

The big win goes to the Devs…

Just imagine how that is going to play out after this… looks like we’re stuck with pleading for balance in the forum. :face_vomiting:


Sorry but this just feels like a cop out.

In the first iteration of the thread, people rightly asked what the goals were you were trying to accomplish. Once this thread was created, explaining clearly what it was that was being looked for people then said ok, that’s something they can get behind, request seem valid.


When it’s declared a win, but none of the listed goals have taken place, people are fully within their rights to question that. Nobody is being offensive.

When you take on a leadership team role and ask the community to support you, you can’t expect no feedback and questioning when it seems like they’ve been left high and dry.


Cop out my a**. You have no idea what it feels like to be the eye of the storm. There were people here who had a personal agenda to make me look bad. They didn’t care one whit about the BBU, they just came here to make sure I was attacked and downvoted. I never wanted to be the leader, I was simply outspoken. I got tired of being a punching bag. It isn’t fun. People watching me like a hawk. Liking every negative status. Even the mods here saw that it was personal. I’m tired. Go poke someone else.

I know what we accomplished and I’m proud of that. The negativity gang cannot take that away from us. If you don’t agree, tough. Start your own thread


What storm? Vast majority of people were supportive and positive of you and this “movement”. Including myself, Quinn, and Kilted. Comments are there to absolutely show that. And every time someone gave you crap, there was a horde to stand up for you. So please, spare us this “victim mentality” nonsense just because hypocrisy is being pointed out.

Right. Multiple threads, line conversations, etc later after the you got what you wanted you suddenly “never wanted to be the leader”. Coincidence? Doubtful.

It’s the internet. You wanna recruit in the public spectrum, you’re bound to attract trolls. Doesn’t excuse the cop out or victim mentality.

Yep. Everyone can see what’s been accomplished. You used a bunch of people to create a ruckus, and as soon as your roster of top shelf heroes wasn’t nerfed but instead buffed, you bounced out. Completely stopped talking about it and your lieutenants nowhere to be found. Wonder why? None of the “goals”/“demands” you laid out for which you’ve garnered the support were realized. But all those with older heroes that were actually nerfed were left wondering.

Stark difference on display here:

When nerfs were announced -

As soon as BBU was announced without nerfs and only buffs -

Couldn’t separate from the #nospend fast enough while playing a victim after hypocrisy has been pointed out. To be taken seriously, least you could have done is leave and represent the #nospend with the banner…you know, because none of the goals were actually realized. Fake is all it is. Back to spending. No wonder revenue is up.

Anyways, I’m done here. Just hope people won’t be foolish and naive enough next time a whale tries to “stand up” for everyone. Enjoy your “win”.


Dude I’m no whale. Far from it. And as you can see I’m not in Abusement Park currently and didn’t remove the No spend tag. You have absolutely no idea the pressure that this put on my shoulders. So enjoy your troll. I’m out.