Northbay Tritons is looking for you! 2 spots (8 star Titans)

We are a sister alliance with the Northbay Originals, a top 50 alliance. Because of this we can offer you the best of both worlds. We can help you train and get ready for admission into this fabulous alliance or you can stay with us in a fun and relaxed environment where we help each other grow and only ask daily titan hits and we encourage participation in the AWs, as it is great for practice in becoming a better overall player. Come check us out, we have been waiting for you

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Northbay Tritons is looking for a few good teammates {5 spots}. We are currently taking down 8 star titans. We only ask daily titan hits and if you opt in for war, you participate. Communication required in that you check chat for important updates. We strive to keep the game fun but stay active with our daily hits. If you are exhausted by the constant push to achieve and want a laid back friendly group, who is active but not demanding, then you have found your home, come hop on the raft today. Our current overall team power is around 100,000.

We are a very active group, looking for a few more members to join our fight. Come check us out, the Northbay Tritons has a lot to offer and training is our specialty! Currently knocking down 8 star titans.

Northbay Tritons has 4 spots available. Currently hitting 8 start titans. Come on in, take your coat off and stay awhile. We’ve been looking for you! Screenshot_20180921-232127~2

2 more spots. 8 star titans. We’ve been looking for you come on home

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