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Hey Disposable, thank you for reaching out! :smiley: I still need one more week of break, I’ll gladly reapply once the week is over.
Best of luck to everyone, looking forward to seeing you again!

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You got it, thanks for the reply. We’ll probably have to bring someone in during the meantime but there always seems to be somebody on the move or falling behind. Feel free to hit me up here when you’re ready and I’ll know more about what the current shuffle is, if a kick is upcoming, etc. Glad you’re getting some R&R, talk to you soon & take care :+1:

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We decided we’d rather save the spot for you, feel free to just come ring the doorbell whenever you’re ready :wink:

See you soon, looking forward to it :+1: :crossed_swords:

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Welcome back @948ri31 , let the conquering continue! :crossed_swords:


We don’t have openings very often & they can fill up quickly when we do, so remember to follow this thread for automatic updates on new team openings:

  • Look for the blue bell icon at the bottom of the thread
  • Click & select “Watching” from the options
  • That’s it! You’ll now be automatically notified through the Forum messaging of any new openings as soon as they’re posted

If you’d like to be added to our waiting list, please leave a note in this thread & you’ll be next on the list with priority above any open recruiting we might do :sunglasses: :+1:


This will put you first in line whenever an opening pops up :wink:

(note: You can always change your notification preferences back with the same blue bell icon)

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Hey y’all,

You’ve already been matched for war, but you’re feeling a little meh about your alliance. Well, use those flags, and then come check us out! We have TWO rare spots open (looks like 3, but the other one is accounted for… so a perfect fit for you and a friend!) We are about to fill our war chest, so when you join us on Wednesday, you’ll be starting fresh with us and can get that 100% participation war chest loot bonus.

You can learn more about us above but we kill 10-11* titans (all rares will die), get pretty excited about wars - but we won’t tell you who to hit or when to be on, and collectively curse the RNGods. If you want to know more, feel free to ask.


Looks like we’re full up for now - that was quick. But if we’re interesting to you, feel free to let us know and we’ll contact you when there’s another opening. :slight_smile:


Well I’m surprised to be back recruiting so quickly - accidentally installed a revolving door! We have two spots open for you and your bestie (or your alt account, if it’s just you…).

We just finished a war chest and we’re ready to start that next one. Perfect time for you to come check us out.

We are currently fighting 11* titans (all rares will die), handle our war business, and are otherwise pretty relaxed. No outside apps required.

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I think the revolving door was just a springtime feature for our alliance. Allow the spring breeze to come in!

We’ve been steady for quite some time now with infrequent comings and goings.

Great to be in an alliance of veteran players who like to war and slay Titans but without lots of rules and restrictions so everyone can play the game in a way they enjoy!

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