NORTH OF THE LORDS - fun, friendly, and active

January 24, 2020:

  • The alliance is formed and begins at 1* titans

February 19, 2020:

  • With only about 15 members, we’ve stalled at 5* titans
  • Recruiting efforts are expanded

March 7, 2020:

  • After merging with 3 small groups and several solo players, we can now regularly kill 8* titans

August 7, 2020:

  • After 7 months of consistent growth, we just killed our first 10* Titan!

It wasn’t easy and it isn’t our new normal (yet!), but this is a helluva milestone for us! And we achieved it together, through regular play and daily organic growth. We don’t PTW and don’t cut corners; we play, we farm, we grind, we work together and our persistence is paying off.

If you’re a regular player who loves the game, but don’t love being told how to play it, then come on over and see what the fuss is about! We don’t dictate strategy, don’t use external messaging apps, and won’t make you get up in the middle of the night to make hits - but if you like bashing titans and can use all your war flags, then you’re a friend to us :slight_smile:

Look us up and check us out or just come knock on the door.
Together we’ll keep this train a-rollin’!


Welcome to the team Grubby Claude! Those 10* titans just got a whole lot closer!

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(Open as of Aug 9)

One new position has arisen for any regular player that shares our “active but chill” playstyle - meaning we use all our flags but nobody will micro-manage your game. We play daily, we get into wars, about half of us chat it up, and we grow stronger as a group everyday through mutual individual progress.

We regularly kill 9* titans with an occasional 8*, recently killed our first 10*, and haven’t let a rare titan escape yet. We typically field a full 30 war teams, participation is not required but is always welcome. We do enjoy our wars around here & hope that you would too, but members are always free to opt-out at anytime when real life calls, with no hard feelings.

Everything you read about us in this thread is still true:

  • No Minimum Requirements
  • Hit The Titan
  • Wars Are Optional
  • Use All Your Flags

Drop any questions in this thread & I’ll get back to you shortly, or look us up and mention this ad and someone will let you in. Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Welcome to the team Queenpin!
I can see the titans trembling already!

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Two new positions availabe! (open as of Aug 20)

We have TWO new openings ready & waiting for any active players who love the game but don’t want to be micro-manged while they play it. All we ask is that you use your flags and don’t be a jerk.

Full disclosure: The last few openings we’ve had were plainly the result of unused flags. This is really the one thing for which we must unapologetically put our foot down. We are daily players and we love our wars, so if you’re opted in you will be required to fully participate. We view this strictly in the interest of fairness: everyone else works toward these common goals and we seek future members who share the same priorities. You can make your hits whenever it works for you, and do them however you prefer, but you must either get your hits in or opt out. Please. :slight_smile:

At the end of the day, we’re still all about having fun. We enjoy the game without adopting it as a way of life, we chat about anything & everything, and we support each other through good RNG & bad. We still have no minimums of any kind, no external messaging apps, no dictated strategy, and no word filters in chat ;). Look us up and mention this ad or drop any questions in this thread and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Thanks, see you soon!

Welcome aboard Whisper! We’re glad to have you on the team!

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Well this is a bummer but we ended up with a language barrier with a new recruit - good luck in your new alliance Sofia, sorry for the confusion. :+1:

So we still have one fresh opening for any active player who enjoys our “active but chill” playstyle. You can drop a line here and I’ll get back to you shortly or just come ring the doorbell :slight_smile:

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Is this spot still available?

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Hi @Sensei.IV it is, I’m even in the game now if you want to send a request :+1:


Ok thanks! im about to


Welcome to the team, Sensei! Let’s stomp some titans! :crossed_swords: :dragon_face:


Welcome back @MartyLikesTech!
Can’t wait to hear about all your escapades while we wade through the loot :beers:

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One new position just opened up for any active player. (new as of Oct 4)

We have no minimum requirements of any kind but you must be active - this simply means hit the titan and use all your war flags (or opt out). That’s it. We don’t tell anybody how to play their game but you do need to be a regular player willing to contribute to group battles. We especially enjoy wars, and we hope that you would too, but opting out is always an option if real life comes knocking, with no hard feelings (in fact we encourage this if potential conflicts are anticipated).

We kill 9 & 10* titans, and have never let a rare titan escape. We usually field 30 war teams unless someone needed to opt out. Currently we have members from player levels 30 to 65, and have played for anywhere from 6 months to over 2 years.

We don’t use Line/Discord but at least half of us are regulars in chat, and we have a private subreddit just for fun if you’re into it. I’m also pretty regular around the forum and try to keep everybody up to date on changes and new features within the game so we’re ready for them.

Look us up and check us out or just come knock on the door, mention this ad and someone will let you in. Or you’re welcome to drop any questions in this thread and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks and we’ll see you soon!


Welcome to the team Jax, we’re glad to have you on board!

Yabba Dabba Do This

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We just filled a War Chest so this is a great time to join us!

I’ve been in a couple of other alliances but this is my favorite one. It is great for active, but not obsessed, players!

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One empty spot available! (new as of November 5)

This is an open invitation for any active fighter who’s looking for a solid team to advance with. Our growth never stops but we’re still the same team we’ve always been: daily players who love the game, but still have real lives and don’t want to treat this as a second job.

We have no minimum requirements of any kind, but you must participate in group battles: just hit the titan and use your war flags, or opt out. Inactivity or unused flags can lead to removal.

We typically field 30 war teams, participation is not required but we’d love to have you along for the ride. Currently killing 9/10* titans, we’ve never missed a POV titan challenge, and never let a rare beast escape.

If you love the game and can pull your own weight, look us up and just come knock on the door - mention this ad and someone will let you right in. We don’t use external messaging apps, but you’re welcome to drop any questions in this thread and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for reading & see you soon!


We just had a rare second spot open up so if there’s any matched pairs out there looking for a home, come talk to us!

In addition to what Disposable said above, we might be the right fit for you if you love statistics and information. Team wiki, Titan spreadsheets - we keep all kinds of data for fun.

Mention this ad when you knock on the door and we’ll make sure RNG gets you a free Dawa. :wink:


Another thumbs up from a LOTN2 member. Great group, quality titan hits and a chill yet winning culture.

Looking for 2 active, yet chill, players!


Welcome to the team Bread & Lady Of Night!
Can’t wait to storm some battlefields together!

Welcome Aboard Five

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