NORTH OF THE LORDS - fun, friendly, and active

@BigDaddyLewis77 Absolutely, we have exactly 4 spots! It’s amazing how many people have come over this week with the same story of their old alliance failing into inactivity, and we’ve attracted a great group so far.


Welcome aboard to our newest members Big Daddy Lewis, Baby Girl Lewis, Short Stuff, and Willie! Yet another group of formidable fighters stuck in a stale alliance. We are glad to have you and look forward to storming castles & slaying titans together!

Welcome aboard DoomHammer, we’re glad to have you on the team!

One position just opened up! (new as of March 11)

One of our newer players left the game, and they will be missed, but a grand opportunity has sprung up in his place. One slot is open and waiting for any active player looking for a solid team to help each other move ahead.

We are a chill alliance that still maintains a hunger for combat. Everyone generally hits the titan and wars are optional (our only request is to use all your flags if you’re in). We are currently killing 7-8* titans, and fielding around 25 teams for Alliance Wars.

We have players from level 9 to 58 but the vast majority of us are mid-game players, and we welcome active players of any level to join our ranks. We have no minimum requirements of any kind, but regular players are especially encouraged to hit us up.

If you’ve read through this thread, you’ll see that our alliance is basically composed of the surviving members from FOUR different alliances who’ve joined forces as one active army, as well as some wise lone wolves who know a good thing when they see it ;).

We only use the in-game chat, so feel free to drop any questions in this thread & I’ll get back to you soon, or look us up and mention this ad and someone will show you right in. Thanks and we’ll see you soon!

High fives and bubbly toasts to our newest teammate Cdog! We’re glad to have you in the fight!

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Open again for one more!

I’d love to join you. I’m fairly new at level 12, but am very active and want an active alliance. I just left swgoh after 3 years of daily playing and being a leader or officer of several competitive guilds. I retired the game and am excited to have found this one. I just need an enthusiastic alliance to make it perfect.

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Hi @Amalea , you’re are very welcome to join us! I’m actually in the game now if you want to send a request.

Thanks! Sorry, I’m searching for the alliance and nothing pulls up. I know I’m a noob lol

no worries :slight_smile:

It’s “Lords Of The North II” (the II is two upper case letter i)

hmmm, that’s a different interface and icons, is this for Empires And Puzzles? I know a new update just dropped but that screen doesn’t look right.

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Haha well isnt that silly. Sorry about that.

No problem, that’s too bad tho. Good luck out there!

One empty spot available! (new as of March 24)

This is an open invitation for any active fighter who’s looking for a solid team to advance with. Our growth never stops but we’re still the same chill team we’ve always been: daily players who love the game, but still have real lives and don’t want to treat this as a second job.

We have no minimum requirements of any kind, and we welcome players of any level to join our ranks. The team currently ranges from player levels 10 to 59, and we’ve been playing for anywhere from a couple of months to over two years. Most of us are established mid-game players, marching forward everyday and celebrating our shared progress.

We currently field around 25 war teams, participation is not required but there’s always room on the battlefield for one more (please use all your flags if you do). We just finished a war chest, so now is a very good time to get in for the eventual loot from the next one. We bounce between 7-8* titans – we’ve been killing more 8’s lately, and we’re all encouraged by the mutual benefits of individual improvements (we even just saw our first 9*!).

If you love the game and share our regular-yet-casual playstyle, feel free to just come knock on the door! Mention this ad and someone will let you right in. We don’t use external messaging apps, but you’re welcome to drop any questions in this thread and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for reading! (I mean, if you made it this far you must be interested, right? :wink:)

Welcome aboard Marty! May our titans die quick and the loot be strong!

Welcome to the crew Wolf-Fang! 9-star titans, here we come!

Alliance Banner

One slot available! (new as of March 27)

A surprise opening has arisen, and we have one position waiting for any active player that shares our chill-but-dedicated approach to the game.

Everything you read about us in this thread is still true:
-No Minimum Requirements
-Wars Are Optional
-Bash The Titan
-And Have Fun (mandatory :smiley:)

We’re fielding about 25 war teams, and doing 7-8* Titans (mostly 8’s lately). We don’t use Line/Discord, don’t script war attacks, and don’t tell teammates how to play their own game. About half of us gab away in chat, and there’s always good conversation, plenty of advice when requested & bright minds to bounce ideas around.

F2P, C2P, and P2P are all equally welcome, and we don’t use any kind of application process (“show us your roster” style, or otherwise).

You’re welcome to drop any questions in this thread & I’ll get back to you soon, or feel free to just come knock on the door. Thanks and see you soon!

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So glad you found us CrazyWilly, welcome to the club!

We’re all-in on the #playaparttogether initiative and wanted to share our entries in the #epfanartcontest

Please scroll to the bottom of this thread for the latest team opening.

First is a Sneak Peak at the front & back cover art for our next record.
(- taps mic - vinyl records? remember those? :grin:)

Lords Of The North II
“Titan Killer”
Available soon from a dwarf trader near you.

Lords Of The North II album cover art - PlayApartTogether Alliance Recruitment Ad Contest -Front

Lords Of The North II album cover art - PlayApartTogether Alliance Recruitment Ad Contest -Back

And then we also have an entry in the poetry category.
This is our creation story, just as it happened, recorded for the history books in rhyme & meter:

The Ballad of The Lords Of The North II
A True Story

If you fancy stories of triumph and grit
Slow down for a moment and come have a sit
And hear of the batch
Created from scratch
In search of a much better fit

A small group of fighters, effective and deft
Who gave every battle their bravery’s best
Were stuck in a clan
Without any plan
Whose leadership seemingly left

A goal was proposed to go make a fresh start
And launch a new squad based on courage and heart
The idea was plain:
To find real gain
These renegades soon would depart

Just two months ago, now it’s been almost three
A plan went in motion with all who agreed
And our founders struck out
Fed up with the drought
Of old leaders non activity

A team was established, not large but intent
On building upon what they’ve all underwent
With fun at the center
Of this new adventure
‘Active but chill’ is what we’d represent

The battle flag planted, our spirits were hearty
Time to call others to come join the army
“If you love the fight,
Whatever your might,
You’re welcome, dear soldier, beside me”

The reason we formed would catch great attention
From others caught up in the same situation
Our origin tale
Of leadership fail
Was theirs too, many would mention

The first group was six, and then came five more
Many lone wolves also knocked on the door
Then a four-person fam
Rolled up in a van
Seeking more action than what came before

Others had stories of opposite relish
Their alliance had gotten just too overzealous
The grind had no buffer
Their happiness suffered
They just want to play, they would tell us

There were new players, mid games, a few two-year vets
A cross-cut of gamers and levels, and yet
We all came to play
So don’t get in the way
Or then you’ll know why we’re a threat

We’re proud our development came in defiance
Of ‘required minimums’ leaderboard guidance
And happily grew
From out of the stew
Of languishing zombie alliances

So went the rise of The Lords Of The North
By basing a player’s most valuable worth
Not just in their stats
Or time in combat
But their love of the game going forth

And if you see yourself in our birds of a feather
You’re welcome to join us regardless of whether
You’re new or you’re old,
As long as you’re bold,
We can all play apart but together

Thanks for checking us out! Remember to “watch” this thread if you’d like to be first in line for the next opening. Take care of yourselves, stay safe, stay home, and keep on gamin’.

And support your community artsy folk by taking a stroll through the Fan Art Contest submission thread - maybe spread some likes around while you’re at it, there are so many good ones you might even run out!


Well friends, it’s a sad day in The North, one of our founding members has decided to retire from the game. You’ll be missed Memnon – take care, good luck, and stay safe out there, buddy.

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