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Lords Of The North II was formed by a small band of renegades that broke away from their stale previous alliance to start a more active clan. We forged a fellowship with 3 other like-minded splinter groups, absorbed several roaming lone wolves, and emerged as a sturdy army of fearsome fighters helping each other succeed.

This is a chill alliance of real people with real lives that don’t want to treat the game as a second job. This means that you don’t need a third-party messaging app, you won’t be told who or when to attack in wars, and you don’t need to work your way up through a family of alliances telling you how to play. We’re just a friendly group who likes to play E&P with other people who like to play E&P.

We are chill but we are not slackers. We play daily, we kill titans, we get excited about wars, and we have fun doing it. Beyond the basics, our main requirements are to be active in group battles (or let us know if you can’t) and be respectful of your teammates.

Trophies: 1200 (Player Level 30+ Recommended)
Wars: Optional, use all flags if you’re in
Titans: Required, every point counts

If we have a current opening, feel free to just come up to the front gate: send a join request & mention this ad, and somebody will let you right in. We only use the in-game chat, so you’re welcome to post any questions in this thread & I’ll get back to you quickly. New or updated openings will always have their own post at the bottom of this thread (to receive an automatic notification of the next opening, scroll to just-past the last post and set this thread to “Watching” with the bell icon).

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!



Welcome aboard Samuel! Glad to have you on the team!


A big welcome to new teammates BrickDoor and Willamona! Nice to meet you both!

Hi Disposable, what star Titans are you fighting?

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Hi Kaerro, thanks for your interest in our alliance! We do 4* titans in our sleep, and were doing 5* before the titan hoppers started bumping our stars around lol. With yall doing 4* already I might guess we’d be in the 7-8* range? It’s hard to say of course, but like you, we’d like to get into some stronger titans too. We have a few young teams but most of us are growing midgame players like you guys (a few inactives recently got kicked). 8-9 of us do wars also and we do pretty well. About half of us gab in the in-game chat, always friendly & respectful with advice and ideas to share.

Let me tag our leader @Twenty8Penguin in case she wants to jump into the conversation, she’s not on the forum as much as I am but she will have some better insights and merging details for you.

I’m excited for the prospect, our teams look and sound very similar, this could be a good match! Thanks for contacting me, please let me know if I can answer any more questions.

Hi Kaerro, just wanted to shoot you an update. I talked to our leader and she says leaders and elders in your alliance are invited to keep those ranks in a merge. And everyone is excited for the possibilities we could achieve together! Thanks again.

Hi @Disposable, thank you that’s a very generous offer. Are either yourself or @Twenty8Penguin on line messenger? My Line ID is kaerro

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Unfortunately no, we just use ingame chat.

Oh boy, this is a big one: Announcing a new merger with the surviving members of S Team! Six new strong active teammates to join us in fighting on. A big warm welcome to DankHippo, Koka, Schlagzeug, AgileCat, and Darsik - cheers all around!


We still have 10 (I spoke too soon, only 5) slots available, open to any like-minded fighters who love to play the game. The future holds nothing but bigger titans, better wars, and brighter camaraderie. Get in while the gettin’s good and together we’ll conquer this mountain!

Hi Kaerro, I should mention, regarding our earlier discussion about titans - you might have seen my post about new members today, everybody is really motivated, active & developed enough, we might even be able to get into the 9 or 10* range with all of us together. Hard to say, but the possibilities are getting brighter all the time :smiley:

Hi @Disposable, no problem at all regarding the line app it was just so I could stop spamming your recruitment thread :laughing:

We are happy with the agreed terms above and look forward to the merger. I have notified my players that once we have finished the last dregs of the Titan we are to move.

Congratulations on the new merger with S Team, we look forward to joining you shortly and putting some Titans in their place! :slight_smile:

P. S. Great job on the recruitment @Disposable

That’s great news! I’ll get the word out, we are all looking forward to bigger titans and better loot! There are 5 of you, right? I just want to make sure in case single players keep showing up that we leave enough space. Welcome aboard!

AND ANOTHER MERGE!!! Three groups coming together for the love of smashing titans and wrecking battlefields! What a day! Welcome to the fight Kaerro, JonLey, Vext, Elion, and Ladywood!


We still have 5 slots available in the fastest growing alliance in the kingdom. Grab your shields and your sturdiest boots ‘cuz cousin we’re off and movin’!


If you recently sent a Join request and got denied, please re-submit. My finger bumped the wrong button, I’m so sorry (how embarrassing…)

Haha I’m glad it’s not just me who has mistakenly rejected someone! Those buttons are way too close together.

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Omg I feel so clumsy now :crazy_face: Thank you for the moral support!

Alliance banner

As you can see, we’ve been growing like gangbusters over the last week, happily filling our team with strong dedicated players that share our chill approach to the game. We are mighty together and our strength will only continue to climb.

We have 5 positions still available to fighters of any level who enjoy the game on an involved but relaxed level.

-No Minimum Trophy Requirement
-No Minimum Hero Requirements
-Wars Optional, please use all flags if you’re in
-Titan hits are appreciated
-No Line/Discord necessary, we use in-game chat
-No War Generals scripting attacks

We have members from level 8 to 58 – most of us are growing mid-game players, with a few young teams and a few veterans. We’ve almost doubled in size & strength recently and now is a great time to get in while our alliance settles into new war brackets and titan levels. We’re open to lone wolves or small groups alike, as long as everybody fits you’re all welcome. Hit us up or take us for a test drive, and feel free to reply to this thread with any questions.

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Only 4 positions left! We’ve gone from 14 to 26 members in just 8 days, amassing an army of titan-bashing warmongers who share our love for the game and our casual playstyle. If this describes you too then now is the time to claim a bunk, we’re moving on & moving up & marching into destiny!

We’ve climbed 2 titan levels in just a few days, already dropping 6* beasts in less than half the allotted time - 7, 8, and 9* creatures are already lining up! We’re fielding at least 20 war teams at the moment, participation is not required but more teams are always welcomed. All of this growth is already leading to better loot tiers and more ascension mat drops, and the rewards will only continue to improve.

Come check us out, mention this ad and someone will show you right in or drop any questions in this thread and I’ll get back to you soon. If you are active and motivated, but don’t want to be treated like you’ve joined an actual military, we might be the home you’ve been looking for.

Welcome aboard Disasteroth! We’re honored to be your first alliance in 18 months of E&P!

We have either 3 or 4 members looking for a new alliance. Frankly, we are the only 4 that are doing anything in ours and that is getting old. Have room? Levels 45, 36, 28 and 26…

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