⭐️ North Alliances recruiting. Top alliance family, having all level alliances. Check the stars in game and the latest post here

Are you wanting a bit more activity/goal than a casual alliance, with that family vibe in an alliance? Then come check out Blizzard of the North.

This is another one of our sister alliance that is building to get stronger, pushing towards Top 400 and we want to do it together. We will give you all the support you need to be the best that you can be with what you have.

PM me or the recruiter in this poster - we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Ngaw…thanks @Starryeyedgryph for your kind words. It is my pleasure. This is such an awesome family alliance that I do wanna do whatever I can to help grow it.

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A rare spot has become available in Wolves of the North - our other Top 10 competitive alliance.

If you are looking for structure, data analysis on war combined with some hungry players to stay on top of the game, come check them out.


Warriors of the North are a competitive, top 100 (often above 50) alliance. We love the game, love joking around and friendly banter, but we take war and titan kills (we easily string 14*'s) seriously. Currently full but always looking to meet potential new members! Check us out. Cheers - Lilah


Thanks very much for the kind words @Starryeyedgryph, it is my pleasure. :slight_smile:

Starryeyedgryph is one of the recruiters for Dragons of the North, which is one of the top 100 alliance she mentioned.

Dragons has made a huge amount of progress in a short time. If you are looking to be competitive but aren’t sure which alliance to choose, please consider Dragons. They will provide you with structure and support to help you stay in Top 100 or grow stronger for join our 2 Top 10 alliances.


Are you considering a new home after war or in the not-so-distant future? Come chat to myself or LINE: Julia-north about getting on our waitlist. We look after our long term members by encouraging breaks among our family alliances to avoid burn outs, so you never know when we may have a spot for you.


Whats there to say about the Northern family? We are a great family, helping each other whereever and whenever we can. We have a lot family across several levels, so there would be a spot for everyone. If you feel like wanting to play in top 100, we have 4 great allys in there.

Let me present the one that gave me a home and where the members also treat each other like family, cheering on each other during war, pushing each other and also doing a lot of fun talk :slight_smile:

★ Dragons of the North ★
• Top 50 ally of the Northern family
• streaking 14* titan with no skips, and full flags on every next titan
• Talkative (mainly probably me like my name says, hehe), supportive and friendly
• Required: lvl 25+ troops (mana) & 30+ maxed 5*.
• atm we are full, but feel free to apply to our waiting list, we are always happy to get to know New people and getting New members for our little family inside the big family
• Interested? contact us on line “craycraygoon” or “dannyhalloran” :slight_smile:



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