⭐️ North Alliances recruiting. Top alliance family, having all level alliances. Check the stars in game and the latest post here

The family thread is updated. But I think Dragons can have their own recruitment thread as well right? @Guvnor
Edit: We are having 10 alliances in the family so each alliance will not show in the family head topic

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Thank you @Julia very much appreciated. I just thought since we are one of the top 100 it would help us with recruiting. But will definitely be creating our own recruiting thread.
Trying to build our presence amongst the community.

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Ravens is looking for a couple of members that are hungry and wanting to grow. If this sounds like you let us know!
Come join one of the absolute best families in the game


@Julia here you go.


Thank you @littleKAF :blush:

Edit January 12 @littleKAF can you please open it again?

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We have a spots opened in our amazing The North Family Alliances, including KOTN. We would love to hear from you if you would like a visit or considering making a home with us.

Don’t wait any longer, come chat to us today - you know you want to.


Warriors of The North has one spot (currently being filled temporarily). Please contact Lilah to join a top 100 alliance of fun, friendly, dedicated players!


Buenas me gustaría unirme a alguna de vuestras alianzas. No sé si será un problema pero no hablo inglés. Mi currículum : poder de equipo 4715 con magní disfraz, zeline, freya, vanda y joon disfraz. Tropas todas de maná de nivel 17-18.
19 héroes de 5* y madre norte en proceso para llegar a 20 héroes de 5*. He bajado titanes de cualquier nivel. Me contestéis por aquí. Gracias

Hi, I would like to join one of your alliances. I don’t know if it will be a problem but I don’t speak English. My resume: 4715 team power with gorgeous costume, zeline, freya, vanda and joon costume. All mana troops of level 17-18.
19 heroes of 5 * and mother north in process to reach 20 heroes of 5 *. I have taken down titans of any level. You answer me here. Thank you

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Thanks for your respond @Pisahormigas.
All our alliances are English speaking, we are requiring members to be able to communicate in English on a basic level.
I may be able to help you find an alliance, being a good fit for you. Feel free to message me on Line:

KING OF THE NORTH. We are having a rare, upcoming spot, for the right player.
Time of joining (Preferably within the next week) and requirements are negotiable for a new member, being a great fit for our alliance.

Basic requirements:
Min. level 25 rainbow mana troops (Preferably 29+)
Min. level 11 second and third mana troops (negotiable for third troop growing)
min. 35 heroes maxed for wars and high emblemed leveled heroes in all elements and classes.
We expect members to be able to keep up on 14* titans and top wars.
Please reach out for more info on Line:
Julia- north


Want to join a top family alliance that has balanced competitiveness with that family feel you’ve been looking for? Come check us out.

We have grown from a family of 4 to 11 in just under 1.5 years - we will have an alliance to suit all levels of play. Come grow with us.


Check out our latest family alliance poster. We have an awesome poster creator (Echo), who does an amazing job on these.

We have an alliance to suit all and we want to help you grow.

Check out our requirements sheet too. We can be flexible for the right fit.


Veterans of the North is our only semi-casual sister alliance. If you are wanting to be in an alliance that balances casual and some competitiveness or looking to build up to join a more competitive alliance in our family, this is the one for you.

This group is family friendly and will give you all the support you need to grow and get stronger at your own pace.

PM the recruiter in the poster below or drop us a message here, we want to hear from you. We will have a few spots opened up after war.


Warden of the North is our sister alliance that is aiming for Top 350. If you are looking for a fun but active and dedicated alliance - look no further, we want you. They work hard but also play hard.

Check out their poster. Requirements can be flexible for the right candidate. A few spots available after war, so don’t wait, apply now!

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Are you looking for the following after war:

• New home or see what it feels like to be in a structured and competitive alliance?

• A place that will help you grow and support you to become competitive?

• Somewhere just to have a break but maintain some form of organisation and structure?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we have a spot just for you. With 12 alliances in our family, you will bound to find something to suit you.

Check out our requirements sheet, we can be flexible for the right candidate. PM the recruiter or leave a message here.

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