Norns 'Weak Against' Issue

Reading the Special details, I interpret ‘Weak Against’ to apply all the time during the duration, not in a random manner like Wu/Ranvir/etc.
I have a video confirming Special activated but 2x Weak and only 1x Strong hit. Can’t upload here though.

Specials are generally element-less, unless it specifies otherwise. Slash-hits (that defenders perform) are also without element. Tiles on offense are the primary way Norns’ special applies.


Also worth noting that, when the hero dies, the debuff stops being there.

Thus if tiles 1&2 kill the enemy, the third tile will be “weak” as the hero is already dead & the ailment is gone.


The dead opponent is the likely culprit here. First tile was a killshot.
It was tile damage I was referring to, nothing with Specials or Slash-hits as @Dan7 suggested.
Will run it against a not-almost-dead opponent to confirm that holds true.


I’ve always wondered about this a bit with Norns, and I think this is the answer I’ve been looking for.

Which I guess makes her pretty darn worthless on defense! But good as an attacker, depending on who the enemies are, and who you pair her with. Seems overly complicated to me, but I bet there are some scenarios where she’s ideal.

Does anyone know if her special stacks with other defense debuffs? Could be a titan killer if so…

Edit: For example, if I bring her, panther, and tiburtus to a purple titan, do all three ailments stay active at once, or does Norns overwrite either/both of Panther/Tibs?

Yes, but unlikely to be useful on titans unless you have a purple you really want to bring to a yellow titan?

You mean purple titan, yeah?

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Is that why my titan scored are so low? :thinking:

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lolololololololololol (not really laughing at you that hard, just needed 20 characters before I started typing this explanation)

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