Norns vs telluria

hi guys

I would like to get good ideas for how to use norns against telly Vela combos out there in wars.

the pictures of wars is that telly rulles and I don’t think I am using my norns for max. she works well with yellow purple but non have them anymore…

so telly tanks needs busting by Norns and friends …any tips and good synergeis?


It’s obvious, but I’ve had good success stacking 4 blues and Norns. When I can get Norns charged and her special off, it makes life tremendously easy. Telly falls quickly, followed by the red (Gravemaker or otherwise). Then it’s just picking away at the blue and the wings.

Only issue is sometimes the yellow tiles aren’t plentiful, and I can’t get Norns’ special in a timely manner. If Telly casts too many times, and/or if I sink too much mana into the other enemy heroes, there’s no coming back…


This is my war team I take with Norns against 4650+ GTV war teams:

Sometimes swap Inari for Rana tho…

Has a pretty high win rate (would say about 80 OS rate)

The key with Norns is in tile play. I use the tiles & Rigard to neutralise Telluria. Then Norns kicks in about the same time as the other heroes and I can charge up and target the purple / yellow heroes who lurk in the wings.
I target the side which has “weak” tiles below it, basically guaranteeing a KO next match or two.


nice smart move with jabber vs wings so. you are using norns against purple yellow on the sides. I wonder if it will work with sniper jnstead like seshat. what inari gives you? I am not familiar with her

Inari gives me dodge :slight_smile: So helps in longevity by dodging incoming damage & effects.

Plus her minions (generated on dodge) give mana so… YAY! :stuck_out_tongue:

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