Norns special all colors hit with strong damage

Norns is really only useful now on a 3/2 gold/dark team. If you changed her special so that all tiles hit as if that were the element the hero were weak against she would be instantly put on rainbow teams because for the duration of her special all tiles would hit like a mono color team. You could really make me happy if you extended her special to hit all enemy heroes and lasted 4 or 5 turns but that would probably make her too dominant. Though seeing everyone who traded my favorite away grind their teeth as I for once had the most powerful most wanted hero already fully leveled before they did :smiling_imp:Would be glorious​:grin:

I could not possibly agree any more.

As it stands now, Norns is a very solid hero within her insanely niche cagegory. Outside of that, however, she’s simply lacking.

Her special needs to be broadened, even if it’s at the sake of her damage - which is not only highly likely, but would honestly be encouraged.

For a hero as unique as Norns, her special should be what defines her - not her damage, as it is currently.