📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

3 Yellow tiles hit with her special activated but only 2 hit strong. Is this a bug???

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So getting her special right:

So purple is strong against yellow. So purple becomes weak against yellow? (Which already is) So her effect doesn’t have any effect on purple and yellow heroes but only against red, green and blue.

Sounds pretty weak. Am I missing something?

No, purple would be weak against both Purple AND Yellow

If Norns hit Boss in my defense…Drake, Boss, AND Ursena would all be weak against yellow (and weak against purple)

So normally a yellow stack would only be strong against purple and would be weak against yellow. In this case a yellow stack would be strong against all three.

Yurple is actually more susceptible to Norns than rainbow because of this…but tread carefully as Ursena would still reflect yellow.


Speaking of, I would like to see how Norn’s special reacts to Ursena’s Reflect, if anyone has a video…if I encounter one in raid I will try to get her to fire and share.

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Looks like it’s working fine then…?

Single hero tile damage is about 200-300 strong against (?) S1-6-8

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I’m guessing the last tile hit AFTER the enemy “died”… So the first two tiles that hit the boss did sufficient damage to “kill” the boss & the third tile is superfluous & not needed.

When the enemy “dies” all status effects disappear.


my yellow is loaded fairly well 2 drakes,i max+6 1 3/70. Jackal+13, onatel +2, joon+3, viv +7, ranvir 3/70, leo 3/70… neath, joon2, leo2, viv2, all setting bench

Thanks DaveCozy, very good post. So I now assume she could be the Telluria Killer. Team setup is: Magni, Grazul, Norns, Marjana, Fenrir. Norns goes off, makes Telluria weak against blue, any cascade of red + blue ×2 attackers x Norns weakening will kill Telluria - if not, Magni/ Fenrir finishes him off. Allows for not cornering yourself into color stacking and missing the color you need.

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Norns is likely much better than what you think. You can escape color stacking in attacks and with multiple colors you will not run dry of mana. You can create a powerful attack team.


Don’t believe so, but I’m not 100% sure.

Got her today, don’t know what to think about her but still happy…

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Valhalla summons are terrible for , nothing last time and this time the same 3 star s3 blue heroes and 3 star purple s3 heroe almost every summon , theres only so many summons you can do before you get a 5 star so going 3 months without one is getting ridiculous SG , increase better heroes for paying customers and lower better heroes for non paying customers because SG your taking a crap on the players who pay for your game. FIX IT NOW

she should be Fast to maximize special attack just like *4 cat , Average is too slow to use

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Yep. My wish is seeing HP doubled, healing halved to match, so that bad RNG is much less punishing. Half my raids are horriboards followed by one or two moves at most before I know for sure if it’s a lost cause (and usually is, rarely flee.) Granted, I’m not top tier with hugely deep and emblemed roster like it seems most on the forum are (given their negative opinions on anything that isn’t going to change up their 2800+ trophy gameplay.) But man, give us a bit more of a chance to recover from the way too frequent horriboards (or should I say average boards vs 5x +20 defenses) lol.


Was a pity when I faced her first time in the map that her “weak” thing was applied to def only… be cool if it made them weak in attacks too. So a purple would be taking more dmg vs yellow AND purple, PLUS the afflicted’s attacks (tiles/slashes, maybe special dmg too) were 50% weaker vs yellow as well as purple as usual. Make them armorless AND toothless vs the two colours in question. And stack with attack down.


Thx. I got the point. I still find the wording ambigious. I will have a look at the german transcription then (which is usually worse than the English one).


If it’s not then…
I give her a solid B then overall

Probably she is only good with Rainbow team that have bit advantage of Tiles. Like Her + BK + Aegir Team.

Other than that. She is useless :pray:

To be honest, I found her a bit lacking in beta, this was mostly due to her mana speed being average. The issue was when fighting teams of +19 emblems (e.g. Tank Ursena, or Kunchen) I already had ranvir and Malosi to test. Having them meant I could already tank bust, but it also meant that when they fired before Norns she became redundant and not really needed.

Her damage isn’t that high on her special, even though she has pretty decent attack stats. I don’t see a reason to pick her over Joon, Malosi, Drake, or Onatel, as they all provide more utility and/or upfront damage.

I think she is incredibly interesting, but her ailment should have been unable to be cleansed and should have included a stack feature, where getting her off 2-3 times would be more rewarding than just once on offense.


My favourite artwork to date. Hands down. Her special is interesting but I’m not sure where I’d use it. Maybe war to counter a bench weak in a certain colour.

You need to use them against Green/Red/ or Blue tank . If you attack Blue tank it will be weak against Green and Red if they Fire.

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