📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

For now. Mine will set at 70. Not more.


And I think it might be sneakier than that even… Gradually pulling meta in different directions can really encourage the pulling numbers.

Not that Norns alone is going to change meta much, but it could be a hint encouraging more rainbow play.
And given how awful some boards are against you with stacks, I’d certainly enjoy feeling able to stack less without penalty…

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The fact people are reevaluating Grimble in light of the abundance of minions, and thinking they might have been too quick to dismiss him is a recent example of meta change, small though it may be.


Would she not be great in events? Where there’s usually 2 or 3 different colors of enemies for a stage.


Yep, especially in rainbow I think

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I would guess that since Norns is most effective in Dark/Holy rather than the Fire/Ice/Nature mix this is another way for SG to gently nudge things away from the dominant Dark/Holy tanks with Holy/Dark flanks as now two or many all of the center three are vulnerable to both Dark and Holy.

Telluria was a bigger kick to the Dark/Holy tank dominance this month than Norns but just knowing Norns is out there will make those of us with that middle three to think about it.

Interesting hero, I usually raid 3-2 Dark/Holy so she would make my team’s tiles more effective. That said, I don’t expect she would be a priority for leveling if she does show up in a summons sometime over the next year(s). As @D33 said, Malosi would be the priority.

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Possibly yes.

But I also suspect the idea behind her is to pull teams back towards rainbows rather than hefty stacks.

In a rainbow, for a given enemy, you’d normally have one colour tile strong, one weak and three normal.
Fire Norns and you have two strong colours and three normal…

Suddenly you don’t have to stack heavily to avoid throwing weak tiles.

Timed right, she could really make rainbow viable again.


In defense could be a great complement for punisher tanks.

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Indeed, I kept a dupe of him as well.


I pulled her. I’m eager to try her out on green/purple titans…

After testing out Norns a few times with different comps (on her boss stage), I can safely and sadly say, she has almost no value as a defender. You’d have thought that they’d have made her like ratatoskr, and act differently in a defensive setting compared to offense, say… make strong tiles weak or, make slash attacks show as strong from normally weak elemental heroes… but she doesn’t do any of that, she has no effect outside of her hit on defense, and to me, that seems like a real missed opportunity… Disappointing that they’d release her like this.

I guess she could make minions hit stronger since they’ve changed them but that’s… a stretch.


For a moment, I thought her name was “noms”

I did a 10 pull and got her on the last one. I was honestly hoping for Telluria.

I have plenty of darts(12) and only a maxed Joon and Justice. I was working on a 2nd Joon though Norns may change that. I have close to 900 sorc emblems since Sabina is the only hero that is even close to worthy of them and I don’t use her anywhere.

@zephyr1 @littleKAF @DaveCozy @JonahTheBard Did any of you really try norns out in beta???
Would you guys waste mats on her??

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I don’t recall trying Norns out much in Beta.

I got a bit burned out on the repeated blaming of Beta players for Small Giant’s decisions for balance adjustments, and stopped giving feedback on new Heroes since December. I still try them out some, but less now that I don’t give feedback.

I mostly focus on answering questions people have about mechanics, and documenting for Beta Beat to provide detailed information.

Norns was added to Beta in late January, along with 9 other Heroes at the same time, so I didn’t spend a ton of time with each of them — especially because there were a lot of questions and thoughts about Alfrike at the time.

Well, if it were me personally, my alternatives would be seconds of Joon, Leonidas, or Vivica.

So Norns would be appealing for novelty — plus Norns is my favorite Season 3 artwork so far.

But I wouldn’t recommend Norns as an early choice for mats. More like a good 4th or 5th yellow to max than a 1st or 2nd. I have 5 maxed yellow 5* now, so if I had Norns, that wouldn’t be unreasonable for me.

What other options are you considering?


Ursena turned them into toast when I was playing the stages, but I guess she does that to any yellow hero if she’s charged when they go off. Like others have said the artwork is great just the special is a bit gimmicky.

I think we undervalue her a little. Norns will be an attacker. While tanks might be sorrounded with weak- strong logic, when you will do tile damage that hits / or cascades the results will be much more devastating than before - three enemies will have 2 weak colors and 3 normal colors. In a 3-2 setup, or 2-2-1 setup in can wreck havoc.


I saw her this morning and thought, " Huh. What a waste of time." You could have a yellow hero who does something, or… this new hero that maybe allows other heroes to maybe do something. Or not. Could be wrong, but unless you have Chameleon, a wasted space in your hero storage. Initial impression.

This. Like Horghall, Norns’ artwork is amazing, but her special seems thoroughly underwhelming. I’m having a hard time imagining her being useful for the vast majority of teams. Rainbow attack teams, or attacking stacks of 2-2-1 or 3-2 that incorporate her will be better for having her, but none of those formats are ideal given the game’s current meta.

Maybe the meta is about to change in a way we don’t yet know about, but as is, colorstacking 4-1 or mono is the more reliable way to attack in wars, raids, and tournaments. I’d love to see that change, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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I don’t have her so I can’t say anything

She seems weak.

But one quesiton, if she casts her special.
And GM cast special to Blue Hero. Does it apply extra damage? Same with other Heroes that add extra damage.
If yes she is still okay eventhough far from good. With Low Damage output

Cheers :beers:

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