📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

It’ll be the same as if you’re attacking a blue with a green. There’s no additional bonus - their debuff just means red will be weak against green as well as blue (for example)

Let say i use yellow team for yellow titan, the damage before norns fire is 800 per tile, will it become 1600 per tile after norns fire ?

In essence, yes - as the yellow tiles will act as if they are purple for the duration of Norns debuff.
Purple are strong against yellow: strong = double damage.


Will Norns work against blue MT that resist defense down?

will Norns work? yes, her ailment is not a defense-related ailment.

is it advisable? not really, unless you’re foregoing a big-attack-up hero to use 4 reds.


Thank you for your reply.

i was disappointed when i got her, now it ended up i LB norns and she becomes regular on my almost every aspect of the game especially maps and quest as i can bring weaker color and she made it strong.

paired with tarlak and you can quickly clear up quest stages and maps


Good hero on omega quest….


@PlayForFun I just found out in FS that Norns buff stays 5 turn (the text above is written as 4 turns)
Thanks so much!!


Hmm, you are right,

It seems it was changed in the October balance update of 2020.

I am updating the hero card.