📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

She should work fine against yurple centers and could be a decent yellow tank. Luckily not that op, so we probably won’t get several rant threads about her. :wink:


I would like Norns simply to try and use her against the Telluria/Vela/GM trio. Strike them with Norns while using a 3-2, blue-yellow team (Frida/Vela/Magni/Drake/Norns).


Hmm. She sounds like an interesting counter to Telluria as that means if you take a 2-2-1 (2 blues, 2 reds, and Norns) you could possibly overwhelm Telly with double weakening. Just extrapolating the possibilities with her against the Telly meta rn.


One of my least favourite special skills I’ve seen in the game paired with probably the best artwork this game ever put out.


Have you already tested her maxed or do you just think it is like so?

Changing tiles of a strong stack into weak ones could be better than you think now.

Hopefully better than the green little long tongued color swapper.


Also, theoretically they may be useful for Titans when combined with element defense down. While Falcon and Jackal are relatively easy to get, Evelyn and Panther are complete nightmare so you can hit Blue, respectively Yellow titan with Norns then Falcon, respectively Jackal. The only problem of that plan is that Norns are hard to get as well, but if you do get them and don’t have Evelyn and/or Panther…

That and needing to charge an average speed whilst having a weak colour out…

It’s a thought…
At the same time, it relies on a good yellow board to charge that special (at average) before those blues come into play, and then enough blue tiles within those four turns.

It could work, but at the same time it sounds risky to me - doesn’t look to me like those percentages would fall in its favour, but I could easily be wrong.


How on earth do you see her as a defense tank, when her special as zero effect on defense?

She would actually be interesting if she was vf and gave the all 5 enemies the color swap debuff. You could take away the aoe dmg and just leave her plain like that.

Or make her ult F and drop the dmg to 130% and add a board shuffle.

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As we are discussing Norns i just figured out what she is

She is a combined Norn from past present and future as seen here :rofl::rofl:


True, but would rely on early yellow Tiles, and then fair colored tiles, all before Telluria starts firing and slows your mana down to nothing . I think ide rather just go mono red and rely on red tiles alone

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  1. Fantastic artwork.
  2. As @JonahTheBard pointed out, they are in a rare class, for those who get them. That’s a very real source of value, as my ~900 unused sorcerer emblems are not providing any benefit to me right now.
  3. I think the tile damage looks good for titans. At least speaking for myself. My fifth spot currently goes to Gretel or Mist, who both have an attack stat around 700. Norns is significantly higher AND has better durability.
  4. This is a cool new effect and one that we haven’t seen in the game yet! Like everyone, my first thought was yurple attack teams, where I think she’ll provide a lot of value. I really liked @King_Kyree77’s thought about Telluria tanks. Those who are saying the effect is worthless out of hand are misguided - how can we know that mere hours into release? We can’t possibly have thought of and tested every single possible interaction. One I’d really be interested in is with Guardian Chameleon. Regrettably, I don’t have either, but I really hope someone out there does and is having a lot of fun with them.

She turns the strong tiles of the stacked heroes against her into weak ones, if she’ll hit some of them. That’s at least how I understand her secondary special.

She could be Onatels bad sister, since both cover their eyes. :wink:


Yes but on defense, the defensive hero’s attack have no color, they are colorless slash damage, and her effect doesn’t affect special skills. So on defense her effect is 100% is wasted.

Edit : Oh!!! I see what you mean. That’s a very good point I didn’t think of before. I’m not sure that’s how it worked though

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The attacking tiles for sure, but I’m not sure now, if it’ll be good or pointless.

As mentioned before, in a yurple surrounding she possibly will turn all enemies into weak enemies.


That’s something the devs should definitely clarify, otherwise we won’t know until someone actually maxes her and puts her on defense, and someone from the forums happen to roll him on raids and take notes lol. Could be a while

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I mentioned to someone last night she might be the end of Yurple lol, but then Cheshire Cat was supposed to break wars too


Still, willing be giving darts to Malosi over her.


Let’s wait for their release. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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