📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Sif would be my go to for defense among those choices. Malosi on defense has never really been a problem I’ve found.


Thank you for your help


Norns elemental debuff has no effect when on defense unfortunately.


My yellow 5 stars are Joon, Malosi, Norns, Ranvir and Justice.

I have a maxed Joon and Malosi is going to get darts very soon. My next ascended 5 stars is gonna be Ranvir, but Norns will get darts before Justice.

The average speed is a bummer.

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Save the darts on Ranvir, while i do use him on every titan i use a 4* instead of him during war because for me he is not working on offense. His special is very conditional and needs a team with high hp and preferably also hp-buffs. So you need to be ahead to use his full potential. If you are behind in terms of hp he is pretty much a wasted slot in your teams and lowers your chance of a comeback further instead of helping.

I regret maxing him because darts are rare for me and i should have taken Onatel instead and use Ranvir at 3.70 as a Titanspecialist.

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I understand your regret because you have Onatel whom I really fear. The thing is that all my monk emblems are reserved for Joon in my defense and Ranvir is in a competition with Justice and Norns. I only want a maxed Ranvir for Titans as I hate Wu in raids and wars, unless in some very specific occasions (after Wilbur has fired and I don’t have dispellers, for example).

Ranvir has better defense than Wu Kong and he’s fast. + He does initial damage. It’s something way more important to me than to add Norns that I would only use in war (for raids, I would prefer Jackal + Joon + Lady Woolerton.

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I think wu is better then ranvir. don’t you think?

Ranvir gives 195% instead of 185% and as a 5* he is obviously better statwise. Is it worth it to max him and replace Wu Kong? As a f2p-player you would think twice about it because yeah darts are rare but so are 5* and his impact isn’t alot higher then Wu Kong +20.

For me as i have nowhere near a f2p roster and can choose between 12 yellow 5* i think it was a mistake cause my Onatel is still at 3.70 as i got Drake Fong and Poseidon later. Even now she has to compete with Bai Yeong and Sif but i would have maxed her over Ranvir all the time with my knowledge of today.

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but wu kong plus better then him. ranvir only helps tiles while wi kong make aoe hitters crack the world…

For anyone bothering with Ninja Tower and having Norns, them in Yurple team with enough firepower do wonders.



I ll go with norns +4 , rooster +20, ranvir and seshat +20 and rigard c +20

Save 8-9 tiles for the last round, activate everyones special, then ranvir then match tiles.

75% life of the bosses are gone. Won t play above lvl 40 though bc rewards suck

I’m using Norn+16, Tarlak, G. Chameleon and two other heroes depending on the match up. Level 30 so far.

I have her and will max her - ahead of Joon, Vivica and a second Sif. She’s my third yellow, Neith and Sif are my first two. And yes, everyone says '‘are you crazy, take Joon’. Oh well…


I plan to max her next to Neith and Onatel. I will have a deadly team of holy mystic ladies.


They should have just changed her to Reflect Purple skill…


That’s actually really good idea they got one for Blue in Mitsuko Yello in uerserna… that’d be amazing

Another thing that should be mentioned is that, with mana potions, she makes yellow viable against yellow titans if your only attack mega buffers are Ranvir or Wu Kong. So, you can have a yurple team against yellow titans.


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