📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That’s a very good point! I will try that combination. Which I feel will have a great synergy

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I think I see what you’re saying, but she doesn’t affect the enemy’s attack at all. So yellow hitting stonecleave isn’t affected.

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It’s in the wording on Stonecleave’s card…

Assuming if tiles become weak again dark then Stonecleave doesn’t take any damage…admittedly I will need to test

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No, Norns only works on offence.

So if stonecleave is with Norns on offence, then a purple enemy could be hit by strong purple tiles.

If they are both in defence then Norns effect is of no consequence because defence attacks are not strong/weak by element.

If stonecleave is hit by yellow tiles, they are completely unaffected by Norns special.

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OK - but if Norns only works on defense then rounding back to JF discussion he should convert their special into increased defense for allies. Weakening defense is same as lowering it!!

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@Lily_frogg this has been all discussed previously:

Question about Norns on defence:

Regarding Norns vs. Jean-Francois


Thank you for the feedback Gunvor!


What do you think about 4-1 Norns, Frida, C.Sonya (or Ariel), Vela and Magni/Alice/Alasie vs Telly-Vela-GM(JF) teams? Will it work?

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Hoping that Norns’ will fire and make telly weak to blue?

I think that makes the team very dependent on getting lots of yellow tiles quickly to make blue tiles strong.

I find her best on raids when there’s purple and yellow prominent


Do not think so. If you got at least 8 or 9 blue tiles, you can just search for yellows and cleanse with Sonya/Ariel.

But yes, this team is hope/luck dependent. But is it work when you have no other heroes and need to refresh a war field?

It’s certainly a creative idea when you need several telly busting teams

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I look forward to your continued observations about Norns, @JonahTheBard. This list makes me laugh, because so far, I have ascended three yellow legendaries - Poseidon, Onatel, and Vivica, in that order. My choices for my next set of darts (of which I presently have zero) will be Leo, Justice, and Norns. I was kind of leaning Leo, but I look forward to seeing what good you are able to wrangle out of Norns. As you say, good tile damage, a non-competitive class for emblems, and a realm bonus all keep her in the conversation.

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Leo is fine, I use him reasonably often and his mana cut is decent. If he was released now, everyone would expect him to be fast, I think.

Justice is tank only, imho, and onatel is a scarier tank.

Compare Leo and Norns and Norns has a decent damage and hp advantage and the same Def. Total damage to the enemy is also higher. Leo’s special is the more useful more often, though.




I found Norns on defense

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Any new updates on how you are fairing with Norns?

You’re replying to one of my earlier born posts… just checking - have you read the latest stuff above? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also interested in her. My only season 3 hero. From what i read she is a no on the defensive side

Norns special is damage only on defence, which generally makes her unattractive.

That being said she has a very good statline and hits three, so she’s done pretty much as well as justice on Def for me.

You wouldn’t see benefit from Norns affecting the offense team tiles with her on defense? Essentially making stacking a problem depending on boards of course. That is to say does Norns only affect a heroes defense or does the drop in elemental strength apply to an attack (tile damage of offensive opponent, not def slash attck) as well?

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