Norns or Leonidas as first 5*?

Good day to all!
After 18 4* finished, I decided to start leveling my 5*. The only yellow ones that I’ve got are Norn and Leonidas, both at 3.70. Is anyone of those 2 worth the darts, or it is batter to wait for someone else?

The other 5* I am working are Magni, Lady Loki, and I just maxed Clarissa. Green I am also reluctant to level, because the only one I have is Elkanen.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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I think better to wait for costumes come. If you will draw Leonidas costume - level him ASAP.
if you do not have Leonidas costume, I would choose Norns 70% times.

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Any idea when the new costoumes will be released?

There is a chance they’ll be in November Portal, but probably December. It isn’t confirmed

On the original question, I have Leo ascended and have 7 other yellow ascended fives. I still use him in most wars, and sometimes on Titans . He is OK, but if you do lots of pulls there are several better options. I don’t think Norns is one of them though

I have done quite a few pulls, but it seems that I am getting purples and reds!

Clarissa x2
Freya x2
Zylag x2

And reds:
Lady Loki
Noor x2
Khagan x2

It just doesn’t seem possible to get a decent yellow or green!

Norns are really good, especially in map / quest levels. I used them extensively during the recent ninja tower event. I don’t have Leo, but without costume, definitely Norns. If you pull his costume, you’ll want him for Yellow def down.

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Leo was my first ever 5* so I maxed him but he rarely finds regular use now. Norns, kinda niche but they do have uses.

I would hold off for a little while and as others have suggested, if you get Leo’s costume, that makes him worth it. I hope I get it when it comes up as he’d be most likely be put on a regular use roster then.

Do you need a yellow 5☆ right now? How does your yellow 4☆ bench look like?

I think overall Norns is a better hero than Leo. Better stats. Another story is if you make to pull leo costume.
So my advise is to wait a little more. If you dont have a current yellow project to work on you may pull Jackal next challange event.

My 4* are gullinbursti, wu Kong, and Mist, all of them maxed. I also have Li Xiu and Chao sitting at 3.60. I’m trying to convince myself to level them (they were actually my firsts yellows) but I don’t really like them.

I also have Hu Tao and Danzaburo at 1.1

Leonidas is fine, he’d be my next choice.

If you’re still on the fence then I’d go with Danzaburo. Freezing himself can suck, but 2/3 other times he does something very useful.

I never leveled my Li Xiu until I got her costume, which is when she became much more useful. She gets good damage output and can easily become fast speed with a level 5 mana troop.

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Danzaburo must like you. I get freeze, freeze, freeze, does something (some times), dead. He’s on my Team of Last Resort thanks to his flaky special.

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