Norns + Mok-Arr

After the Norns have done their Special Skill then Mok-Arr should hit purple but unfortunately it doesn’t work, can you fix the bug?

Norns makes the targets weak to their strong colour of tile damage.

She doesn’t change the element of the hero, only Guardian Chameleon does that.

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After Norns did the Special Skill how does the enemy Ursena, Mitsuko, Frigg, Odin, Guardian Falcon?

Not following the question, I’m afraid

Norns special makes blue heroes weak to red tiles, red weak to green, blue weak to red, yellow weak to purple and purple weak to yellow.

This only works against tile damage, not special skills.

It will not have any effect when Norns is on defence.

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It will not have any effect…

Missed two important words there!

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Much obliged; all corrected.

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