Normal Krampus with costume bonus or Kara?

What do u think? Although nothing is better than c Krampus before destroying nerf.
Is that possible to decrease Kara taunt turn to 3? If it is possible we don’t waste our matrial.

i think Kara is safe, because she is passive and not as much of a threat like costume krampus with the scaling attack up. she is going to be decent tank.

Normal Krampus vs. Kara are very similar, Krampus wins due to tankiness. But Karas passives give her advantages in certain constellations. I think on defense Kara can be better because a 4 turn taunt is annoying compared to a 3 turn taunt.

Even if she would be nerfed to 3 truns she still would be great tbh.

Sorry but I don’t know what is the meaning of passive here which is difference between Krampus and Kara, could u please explain it? Thanks

Yes she is, but for players who had a taunt hero maxed already too?

Kara gets 10% mana when she is dispelled which can be the difference of recasting taunt or not vs. other average taunters and dispell is only one of the few counters she has considering she stays up for 4 turns.

Also she cant get any defense ailments which is also a big bonus compared with Krampus/Black Knight.


Yes, I have Krampus and I would love to have her, for people who likes taunt heroes its worth to have multiple for wars/tournaments.

Kara has unique advantages compared to Krampus and Black Knight & I would level her up immediately, especially to put next to a dark tank, which I use in my raid & war defences.

  • Passive that doesn’t allow any type of defence down and Palladin talent make her defence strong / brilliant = a better taunt hero.
  • Passive of 10% mana add on a debuff will speed her up to fire again soon, if not immediately.

The game has balanced her with a smaller attack up, which doesn’t matter much for her main role is to keep allies safe.

I have spoken about the above in my video attached. Happy playing !


Krampus is sweet. Have neither but he is better. Hope to get Kara none the less.
Krampus has some synergies too

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This is an old poll but majority favor krampus

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Sorry how silly I am, you are right. I definitely bring up her, I got second Kara today when I chase ninjas unsuccessfully. I do have another Krampus on bench waiting too, generally is there any point on max more than 1 taunt hero except for war or tour? I mean is there any special usage of using two taunt hero same time. Thanks

Both have their place.
Krampus is fat, really fat and will refuse to die due to his incremental def buff. There have been times where the cascades will make him so strong that it becomes almost impossible.
Also his minions thought not powerful can be a nuisance.
Kara is pretty unique in her skill. Although she can be easily mitigated, she brings Taunt out side the paywall and she is very good at what she does.

I pulled her today on a free token and she will replace my Joon on offense once i get my 5 darts. She and Inari should work strategically to protect the entire team while the rest 3 go about killing.

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I wish we knew what the year bonus was going to be for the 2022hotm.

Imagine hp 50% bonus for 5 2022 hotms

Es mucho mejor que kara

Sorry, I am not sure if I am slightly off-topic here.

But I was thinking along the line of trying out Krampus, Ludwig and Kara in the same defence team and see how all their taunts work together. LOL.

I am currently levelling up Kara and Ludwig. My Krampus and the nerfed C. Krampus are already at 4/85 (20).

Best use is to put Krampus, QoH, Kara, Ludwig and BK all in one team to test their taunt

Best used in 5* no green buff boost tournament format

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