📯 Nordri – New Season 3 Hero – 3* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Thanks @jinbatsu ! So in a Nordri / Grimm situation, I should fire Nordri first and then Grimm? Is that correct?

Both has effect, either you hit Nordri 1st or Grimm 1st. We just calculate which is better damage from these 2 option. And I think because Grimm has more attack stat and hit harder, then Nordri 1st is best option. The best part is the 3rd attacker with blue hitter, which is the opponent have regular plus element def-down.

I use nordri before isarnia because nordri does less damage and doesn’t benefit much from def down before his attack. isarnia does a lot more damage going off after nordri. in fact, I’m tempted to use nordri grim and isarnia simply to set off nordri and grim first before letting isarnia go nuts. :rofl:

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I think Nordi is not my favorite 3* hero of Walhalla, but in combination with some other 3* blue heroes, he is a good part in a challenge.

I’ve started bringing Nordri along on Red Titans. Firing Kiril > Nordri > Isarnia > Lepus > Wu Kong, then setting off a blue diamond = insane amounts of damage.


Why not Wu > Lepus?

I do not think than Lepus hit is bigger than one blue piece)

mostly reflex. as you said, Lepus’ special skill damage is not significant, he’s there more for his attack stat, so I didn’t think much about it. I just fire the specials as fast as I can, then concentrate on the tiles.

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I’ve checked today Nordri’s survivability on 10* titan…
One direct ar him and he went from 1011 hp to 11 hp :wink:
Painful yet satisfying as he gave me another round of ice def down :slight_smile:


Sorry for digging this old thing up, it’s been a great source of information.

Still not sure though on where we’re at regarding duplicates… Should I keep my second copy? Opinions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try him with Vela)) Vela greatly helps his survivablility)

No vela for me :frowning: I failed miserably when we talk about January pulls…maybe next year I’ll get her. But for now I’m focusing on July antlantis and Miki appearance :slight_smile:

You can but it really depends on your need, how you will use them, if you will throw emblems on him/them.

He is a good hero and provides a special that otherwise only exists on 5* blue heroes. Two could be justified for tournaments or events, possibly even wars.

Agree. And he certainly deserves emblems for survivablilty on titan. And he is useful on wars on last hits too.

so choosing between Nordi and Jarvur, which to keep

Got Goto and 2 Valens and saying keep both is a non-answer. You be a politician and kicking it down the road

Both Nordri and Jarvur have better stats than Valen. Nordri is kicka*s. Jarvur looks like a mini Mireweave and she’s nothing to sneeze at. :wink: I would feed 1 Valen and keep both Jarvur and Nordri–even though you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

Oh, and definitely keep Gato. He comes in handy in almost every battle.

I love Nordri! Just got rid of a dupe Gato … so in your case would get rid of a dupe Valen

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Sorry to open up on this again.

To emblem Nordi, go att. or def.?

Def seems better against titans, but overall and especially in raids att might edge def a bit


Went all def because he’s my only blue elemental def down. So I want him to stay alive as long as possible for blue stacks and titans.

Atk only would make perfect sense for an event Nordri and I’ll probably do that once I get an 5* blue elemental def down.

But for now I’m happy. he follows Grimm everywhere.

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