📯 Nordri – New Season 3 Hero – 3* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Got him in my 1st draw. He’s next in line for leveling.
The only question is if I should replace Karil or if I keep them both for extra 3-target damage. I also got Ulmer, costumed Gunnar, Gato and 2x Valen.
I’m trying to keep my Hero Roster slim, so I don’t want to have more than 6 3*s of each colour.
Don’t have any use for him outside of raid tournament and challenge events.

The special and stats are pretty good. Talent isn’t worth leveling for me, since I have a lot of 5* and 4* Barbarians who are more useful.
Jotunheim realm is bad imo, especially for a 3*. It’s alright in tournaments, but in challenge events I don’t want him to die in the first place. Though it might become more interesting in the future when there are more Jotunheim heores.

He would be good with either Ulmer or costumed Gunnar. I personally am just happy to finally have an elemental ice defense down that isn’t isolated to super rare drops.


I was exactly thinking the same and discussing it in my alliance. pulling King Arthur or Frida eluded me despite the heavy investment so let’s see how ir works out with 13-14* Maybe with invisibility potion - tornados - mana potion - Harpooon/Axe would do the trick

Lol, like pulling a single event hero (Arthur) or a past HOTM through have so high chances… i am a semi-dedicated player but that Atlantis 50 pull and 20 Avalon didn’t ger either of them

when I say “dedicated”, what I really meant was “14 star titans only appear in alliances that strictly gatekeep their members to being dedicated (p2w) players” if you didn’t meet certain criteria they won’t let you in.

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All I can say is wait for a 3 star rush attack where green is banned and unleash this guy with either Ulmer or costumed Gunnar and you’ll be slaying people left and right.

Beefy Nordri. +12 Def troops.

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His stats are truly great. But most important of all that needs to be said…

He looks like a bearded baby!!!


Swapped out Boril for Nordri for my titan hits (12*) - needed timestops to keep him alive. But he helped increase my average red titan damage from +/-30k to over 50k.

On lower star titans, probably much more useful. If you’d like to see the hit, click here


The small guy does the job on titans - as +20 he can survive a hit or two from 8titan. And the outcome -
My hits on red 8
75k, 45k, 58k, 62k and 53k…
Team: kiril / grimm / nordri / magni / wu
Comparing to previous hits I see average +20k increase :slight_smile:
Small but insanely good…like Frida and Artur bastard :slight_smile:


Nordri in action…

Notes: I forget, It should be better if I swap Magni with Grimm instead


Nice! You were on a roll there.
First time I’ve seen him in action; I like his animation and grunting. Egh!


He is neither Frida nor King Arthur, but he shall be named Dwarfen King of the North :slight_smile:
His axes can do some magic and the effect surprised even me today…
Team: Kiril+10 / Nordri +20 / Magni +4 / Grimm +19 / Wu +11

Hail to the King!


I’ve decided my trophy count is not a meaningful number to me but that winning difficult raids with 3* heroes would be amusing.

My latest objective is simply finding a use case for Nordri. I have 3 of them maxed and 2 with emblems. I’ve been using the most emblemed one in a blue stack lately. ( no frida ) I am finding him to be quite competitive in diamond.

The below raid took 2 attempts to win- as in the first attempt I didn’t have enough blue matches to charge up a single hero before being wiped out. :rofl:
The second match (as seen in image) was loaded with blue tiles. Using Nordri before Isarnia is letting her register 600+ damage hits on offense, which is crazy.

Anyway, nothing value adding on this thread, mostly I was wondering if where were others trying to mess around with 3* heroes in diamond?


I unfortunately don’t have either Arthur or frida. This is the closest blue debuffer I can get. Wished he was fighter instead of barbarian. He needs all the luck he can to survive the high tier titans.

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You’ve been using him in platinum! That’s wild!

Which emblem path did you use? Looks like he needs some health.


hes ok… was fun at first but now just ok. screenshots of the path and stats uploaded


So this prompts a question I wasn’t ever sure of. Does his elemental def down effect specials too?

Is the proper fire order Nordri and then others? If so, I’m missing the boat a bit with mine. I thought specials were color-neutral.

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Special does effect also on regular def-down. It is the same. In general def-down has effect to special, and there are currently no exception. The exception applied only attack buffer like Tarlak and Miki, it is written that attack buff only applied normal attack. All allies get +130% normal attack.

Special generaly color-neutral, so all regular def-down will effect by all color special hitter.
And elemental def-down only effect to the color of hitter.

So if opponent are in Grimm and Nordri ailment, then we attack special with Marjana (red), then only regular def-down is applied. But if we attack with Magni special, then it apply the effect regular def-down plus blue elemental def-down.

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