Nordmänner[NM] is searching (German, currently 247k strength, 12* Titans)

May you emerge victorious in the last battles! And may the battles to come - being with the Northmen - be victorious:

:crossed_swords:We are looking for 4 x (Wo) manpower! :crossed_swords:


Min. 4200 team strength :muscle: :white_check_mark:
Min. 30 x maxed 4/5 heroes :superhero: :white_check_mark:
Min. 4 x attacks per Titan :octopus: :white_check_mark:
6 x attacks in war :crossed_swords::white_check_mark:
Line available :globe_with_meridians: :white_check_mark:
Over 18 years old :beers: :white_check_mark:
Perseverance :facepunch::white_check_mark:
Teamwork :dancing_women: :white_check_mark:

We offer:

Allianz with over 3 years of gaming experience :owl: :white_check_mark:
Informative Line Groups :globe_with_meridians: :white_check_mark:
0 remaining attacks in the war :zero::white_check_mark:
11-13 titans :plate_with_cutlery::white_check_mark:
Help with almost all questions​:question::white_check_mark:
Family-friendly and everyday-compatible war strategies :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :white_check_mark:

Interested? Then become a north man: knock and the gate will be opened for you!

Alliance: Nordmänner[NM]

Any questions; then contact me here or via line godon7137

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