Noor seems to have issues

As i am probably one of few who actually use Noor to her full extent i have seen issues with her that goes beyond the common knowledge (that she is a bit underwhelming in stats-function vs other hotms).

And that is if she is paired with för example Wilbur and Azlar, her minions often forget to hit or there is a discrepancy between animation-landed hits.

This forgetfulness is both in animation and in actual damage as i have filmed/slowed down entire matches to analyze the minion attack sequences.

I have for example a clip of a match ending where i have a full team with 1sparrow each.
The opponent has 1xFrigg debuffed with Wilbur defdown+damageshare and Marjana +elemental damage taken.

The last move Frigg is hit with 6x1 damage green tiles and after that this happens:

One sparrow (not all of them as it should be) does the attack animation.
Frigg takes three minion damage posts (not one like the animation suggests, not five as it should be).
Frigg dies.

I have scrolled this match back and forth and can only come to the conclusion that Noor arent really performing 100% to what her card suggests… wich is very odd seeing her card isnt really up to par with the rest of the hotms.

This is one of those issues that are rarely discovered seeing hardly anybody get Noor past 3-70 or for that matter uses her in any top game action… but its just so sad it has to be like this.


#buffNoor #buffBosswolf

Can you attach a video about this incorrect behavior ?
(If it is longer then can you tell where this problem can be seen ?)


I might have been a tad too fast, seeing the film was uploaded to line, and the line scroll/scrub function is slimmed down to fewer frames… …i need to record more it seems :pensive:

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I use her all the time along with Freya, killer combo, went through all the map stages, all completed - Freya, Noor, Isarnia, c. Joon, c. Rigard. I’d think it’s more of an animation issue other than anything else, have not seen any discrepancies with her.


Looks almost like mine!

It could be an animation skew… hopefully!
I really hope it its not the combination with wilbur….


Yours looks better, I gave the emblems to Freya :upside_down_face:

Could be, I was never lucky to summon Wilbur though.

With some love Wilbur fits in really well with the 5* teammates :smile:


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