Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

As someone who has Noor…she is:

  • Slow (typically only good in Rush tournament and war or if they can survive like a Heimdall because of Paladin defensive buff)
  • Druid (good synergy being a summoner, but still too weak with the amount of heroes now that can kill and prevent minions - specially against the rest of your team be it attack or defense)
  • No Damage (minions do damage but its not reliable and lacking)
  • Niche minion removal (many other better options)

IF you have no other Red 5 stars to level, level her. Otherwise, she is a C grade hero. Anytime i see a team with her in it i slaughter it, because its really a 5v4 from the start.

I’ve said for a long time she needs to be average speed and reworked (allow her to to summon up to 4 minions instead of 3 on herself and all allies, with her current minion destruction). Even then there would still be better options than Noor though for attack and defense.


Agree. When she dropped she was neither useful noor good.


  • is an excellent minion counter vs hulda, pengi and xmas heroes
  • slow doesnt impede her due to her auto minion particularly when facing multiple summoners
  • has an advantage over other minion counters in that she enhances survivability (key with my playstyle)
  • protects specialist minions such as diaochans
  • the attacks add up particularly towards the end of the battle providing a nice ongoing dot
  • she is rubbish in defense

She now goes with me to 90%+ of raids. She is that good - with my playstyle . Disclaimer: playstyles may vary. Heroes will not always work with all playstyles