Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

You’re not wrong, but it’s hard to have a productive debate when you trigger the person from the get-go. My gut reaction to the title is to disagree, so I’m coming into it at odds with the original poster.

Don’t tell me Black Widow is the best Avenger and expect me to listen. Rather state her merit and praise her worthiness. Then you may have my ear and open my mind.

That was maybe a bad example but it was the first thing to pop into my head.

Anyway, back to the game. Cheers!

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You lost me when you said Black Widow wasn’t the best Avenger. Arguably the greatest in the film following the selfless sacrifice she made.

But you have to remember the title of this thread was somewhat tongue in cheek. Designed to get attention as they say (which it did)

I always use my Noor in the Tavern of Legends when you can dust off the more unusual heroes. I’m going to run mine with Frosth and see how it all looks then. The Sparrows are little chonks already so the boost from Frosth looks interesting

I propose… a cage match.

Take two of the top players in the game. One who promotes Noor, another who despises Noor.

The Noor team must use one maxed and fully emblemed Noor on both their defense and offense teams.

The anti-Noor team must not use Noor on their teams.

Could go “best 2 out of 3”, but that won’t properly account for board randomness… so instead make it “best 3 out of 5”.

Make sure that both teams are equal in all other respects - same leveled troops, same number of emblems… and they can choose any other heroes to either compliment or combat Noor.

Give them 5 raid flags each, and let the battle begin.

If the anti-Noor team beats the Noor team on attack in at least 3/5 fights, the Noor team must admit that Noor might not be OP for defense.

If the pro-Noor team beats the anti-Noor team on attack in at least 3/5 fights, the anti-Noor team must admit that Noor is not garbage.

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Sure, make a case for Black Widow, I would listen. Her sacrifice was noble but hardly unique. One could argue that others that made the same sacrifice had more to loose - ie, Tony Stark and Vision. I did qualify my comment by saying it wasn’t the best example. My point was just that you could better convince me about Noor with a different title.

I know it was made in jest, I’ve been here long enough to get the intent.

Dusting her off for ToL doesn’t read as OP. I see her relationship with Frosth being promising for those that have both.

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Let it be done and I will wash my hands of this thread!

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I say just this: Scarlett Johansson. This is enough to put Black Widow as best of the best :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Better than Noor maybe (really?)

The original one was simply “Noor is OP”. After a week or so @Homaclese had had to say over and over that no, they didnt really mean Noor was OP, but instead that Noor was very useful in the Telluria meta prevailing at that time.

Found the constant clarifications funny so i edited it to add the stuff in parentheses.

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Yep, yep. I was there when it happened. It was around the same time when TellyVelaGate was blowing up the forum. The title was appropriate for the time, as back then, you couldn’t get any replies to a post without a provocative title.

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