Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

Yeah, I’ve been finding over the last month or so that 3-2 works better for me in most raids, etc than mono does. So it makes lots of sense to me.

Been tryin’ it out in war and it works pretty well. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I’ve only done 1 raid against one of the new formations…sure is different. :upside_down_face:

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I was in a bad mood and went raiding but the closer to upper platinum the more insane the opposition was and they all had new formations bar a couple. A day or so later I’ve been raided back down to my default level and they mostly aren’t there. The double tank is definitely the most challenging for me. (W shape?)

Totally agree with this post, if I ever see Noor while raiding, I call it a good luck, I will let her sit for last kill.


Agreed. Tyr is so over rated it’s not funny. My first five star, used him non stop for half a year.

Just ascended Noor despite all the bad things said about her. Minions are out of control these days.

My other choices were
C. Azlar #2, C. Elena, Khagan, Rueben

So far so good. I like her vs minions

That is interesting. I would have probably have gone C. Elena before Noor, but that is because I don’t have any good riposte heroes currently. And I have a LOT of minion counters. But if you lack minion counters then I totally get why you went the way you did - more often than not our choices are driven by where are rosters are (and aren’t). I am currently super excited to level a base Kadilen because she actually rounds out my 4/1 greens very nicely, despite being a mediocre hero in a vacuum.

And Noor really is solid, and 8 months later I still use her in my favourite fun team in raids daily and in wars.

Would love to get your opinion some time down the track. Now that you have made this commitment I do recommend you emblem her on the health path - the difference will be significant.

Don’t forget to use her in PVE. The minions add a lot of survivability in trickier levels and speed up your easier auto-farming levels

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Just as a general principle, all minion generating heros should be on the attack/health path purely to beef up their minions.

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I was actually thinking about a 2nd C. Azlar 1st, Elena then Noor. I dont have Grimble leveled at all. Noor is my only 5* minion eater. Dealing with Vera, Krampus, Telluria, & Freya is alot easier now.

Overrated or underrated? Seems like you used him a long time so I’m guessing you meant he is a good hero and underrated? He was also one of my first fully ascended five stars and I still use him today. Many a game he’s got me a win when I probably shouldn’t have had one.

Noor or Lady Loki? Or Guardian Kong? That’s the choice I have, they’re all sitting at 3.70 and I have enough rings to level one of them.

My current reds are C. Elena, C. Marjana, Mitsuko, Anzogh and Garnet.

I was going with Lady Loki, but then got Freya and thought a team with Mother North/Telluria, Noor and Freya with her minion attack boost could cause carnage? Any advice?

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Lady Loki is extremely fun to play with, but overall there are fewer ailment dealing heroes around to fully use her. I do still get a lot of use out of my Myztero/Lady Loki team in daily raids and in war and it is a very successful and fun team to play with.

Noor is solid but with Freya I think they become an absolute powerhouse in raids and especially in PVE. Note I don’t have Freya so it is second hand knowledge, but it is pretty logical how strongly they work together. I get the impression that you are able to auto-farm basically anything in the game once you pair these guys together, and that is a huge selling point for me these days.

Guardian Kong would be good if you run a Wilbur/BT/G Falcon team - a strong finisher at average speed. Also extremely useful if you want a cleanser in red (Lady Loki also provides this).

Not knowing exactly what your requirements are I would suggest Noor because you have that strong synergy with Freya . If you didn’t have Freya I would have recommended Lady Loki


I have Freya, Noor, PiB, cRigard and Proteus on a team and they kick a$$!

Thanks guys, Noor it is then! I’ll just have to share the 950 druid emblems between them!

Planned to leave Noor at 1.1 forever though as FTP I have only a few nonS1 heroes. But after reading multiple Homaclese posts I decided to give her a chance and leveled to 3.70. Tried her for several monthes in PvE and even in raid/war offence. She was a bit useful in rush attack wars in my second red team but not in other situations. Even in PvE she is less useful than 4* like skittleskull/caedmon/sonya not talking about rigard/boldtusk/willbur/proteus/mist/falcon. Well, she is better than Huo Tao or Gadierus but it is not great achievement for HoTM.

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Sheesh…I’d have said anyone but Noor. Good luck!

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I have both Noor and Lady Loki maxed. Use them daily for several reasons.

Loki is definitely useful and she is in my 3-2 red team always. It’s great to cast all ailments back and do damage.

Noor, she is very useful in fast wars, map and ninja tower. In raids and non-fast wars, Noor fires when the match is already decided, and only rarely she is the reason why you win a raid. Used her a lot to fight minion teams, I still find her too slow to play a relevant role, and that’s why I maxed a 2nd Marjana, which I find way more useful thanks to fast speed + sniping skills.

Overall, I do not regret maxing Noor as she makes playing maps and quests easier, but she can’t be used in 2600+ raids where fast AoE heroes fires 3 minutes before Noor is charged, unless you find a very friendly board.

To summarize, Lady Loki over Noor for sure.

This !! 100%agree with your post !!

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