Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

Hah, that looks pretty annoying. And I am glad Noor has gotten some love form you.
Whilst Noor is not the best minion counter in this case her innate ability would work well early when LOL’s minions may keep a better minion counter’s speial from ever being ready.

If it was me I would probably have brought a 3-red read-heavy team including Noor and Skadi and Grimble as my off colors, to give me three minion counter options

Note that was a “double” formation. Yeah…Noor suffers greatly against Bera too if she beats you to the punch and you can’t cleanse. My Skadi is still 3/70 and too weak against a team like this, and I don’t have Grimble so I use what I can. These minion making defenses are terrors with these new raid formations.

Noor is the last hero standing when I attack a team with her because SHE IS LITERALLY NO THREAT AT ALL. I intentionally leave Noor as the last hero because ALL OTHER heroes in this game pose a greater threat than Noor could ever hope to be. She is trash and BY FAR the worst hotm ever created.

This thread should be deleted for falsehood and misinformation. But I’m a free speech guy, so leave it up. I hope everyone levels Noor and puts her in their defensive raid unit. Would make things very easy.


To be fair…she is NOT a defensive hero (at all). I think she needs a buff to be relevant myself, but a hero doesn’t have to be good on a defense to be good.

My reply was specifically to the statement that was made.

However, I would use every other 5* hero and 95% of every 4* hero in this game on offense before I’d consider Noor in an attack team.

The. Worst. Hero. Of. The. Month. EVER.

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What did I say? In the hero card “she is as cute as a button”, never faced her in combat ever but have heard such mixed reports from well respected names. Some heroes are just pitiful as static defense, others are great. Kunchen is my favourite that just always dies but other people fear him. Baldur is a diabolical wing but a pathetic flank for example. I personally loathe Seshat and Onatel, oh and the squid…

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Mr Notorious DAD has kindly blocked me so this is not a response to him, but in response to his post. As others have said Noor is a terrible defensive hero, and nobody has tried to say otherwise. Not sure why mr Dad is jumping in with his commentary.

On offense I will say it again - she is often quietly doing her thing in the background and if things go wrong she is often the hero that is left standing alive at the end. 3 out of 4 times she ends up dying as well but every few fights she and her minions are sturdy and versatile enough that she can turn the odds and win the fight through tileplay

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Noor, gefjon, tyr, lady loki are all 5 stars so in the line up of mercedes benz car…

noor A class
gefjon C class
Tyr E class
lady loki S class

I actually like my Myztero more than my Lady Loki… what does that make him then? S class AMG?

For some weird reason I am overall unlucky in pulls but I have all of those heroes you mention.

Tyr I haven’t experimented with yet - I was underwhelemed when I got him, but people do say good things about his scrappiness in offense. Lady Loki is good. Gefjon is a great sniper… I don’t tend to use snipers much though. Noor is a worker bee that has been industriously helping me behind the scenes for month. I sitll bring her to most of my battles where I need a minion counter but can’t or don’t want to use Grimble or Skadi

there is survey in terms of use in raid, war, tourney etc , lady loki was in the top 5 list…honourably mention gravemaker and BK and tyr also great heroes , i just found lady loki actually the most useful hero in all fight…

When i first got Lady Loki she was my favourite hero for a very long time. This was in the prime of the GTV era.

Now GTV is not so prevalent although there are plenty of teams that primarily deal in giving ailments, so she definitely has a use in each and every war. I run both Lady Loki and Myztero in the same team to have the redirect option in 2 different colors. As much as I like my Lady Loki she is not as fun as Myztero

Don’t ■■■■ on A class this way …

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That means absolutely nothing to me. Lady Loki = one wanker in a Kompressor? My car has 4 wheels and is ok reliability wise (it’s a nice ride) but I could tell you almost nothing about it apart from the basics

Ummmmm… no. Noor is not a Mercedes. She is the Pinto that was never on the Mercedes lot.

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I was just talking about how if I ever face Noor (which is very rare since she’s trash) I purposely leave her as the last hero to kill since she is literally no threat what so ever.

So she is kind of a a red Kunchen? Zero threat if one ignores them?

In some ways yes. However, Kunchen can be an issue at tank if you get a rough board as his defense down on your whole team can make other enemy heroes far more impactful.

Noor however does nothing special and I can burn tiles all day long into her. Even at tank I’d leave her for last to kill.

Even in rush war and tournaments I’d take every other 5* red over Noor and that’s the only situation she’d be remotely useful in. :joy:


I’ve just adopted a nice new attack strategy that has never worked before for me until tonight. Usually play exclusively mono. But got tired of my perceived punishment for mono (warning; confirmation bias) 3/2 vs strong/weak flanks (forget the tank; you can take it out with 2 or 3 weak or 2 -3 weak or neutrals with tiles and specials). Boards were awesomely playable. Focus/stack on the tank then it appears rigged to me.

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Hey, @sft1965 … how goes it? I’m doing well

So, I’m not following what you’re saying. Please explain. :upside_down_face::wink::blush:

Hi @amrath I had this disastrous run going mono vs the tank raiding and just lost about (a lot of raids because of boards). Now maybe it is the new formations but have been trying working a 3/2 strong attack team. 3 strong vs danger flank and the other two vs the other flank. Leaves the tank without support and the boards seemed to be more compliant if I didn’t focus on a strong mono vs the tank (hence confirmation bias comment). It maybe totally random but I really don’t seriously believe that.

I hope that made some kind of sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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