Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

Beta doesn’t make the decision to buff or nerf a hero. They test heros and give feedback. Feedback that SG may not listen to. It’s SG you should be talking to about the buff you seek.

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I didn’t know that … thank you a lot …

What mean The definition of SG

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@Antonis984 here is the difference between your Noor’s skill and Homaclese Noor’s skill.

126 HP. That’s it… and that’s assuming you take a pure health path for emblems

  • Months worth of ham
  • Who knows how much iron?
  • A Damascus blade
  • A Tome
  • Rings

For all of that, Homaclese gets sparrows with 126 more HP. Otherwise the skill is exactly the same as your Noor! And if you perceive that difference to be "vastly" so, and worth all that resource and mats. Go for it!
You have made a good choice!

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Back when I was using her extensively, based on my play style and with the roughly 85% win record (and contratry to your unrelenting mocking @Pompitous that record was not in “bronze” but in mid to high diamond against the ruling GTV at the time) Noor would typically use her special 2 times a match and invoke 2 or 3 self minions - so at 12 minions that would be 1260 extra HP per match to act as a buffer. As someone that played extensively with her at 3/70, 4/80 and 4/80 and 4/80/19 I can tell you that 1260 HP made a huge difference in outcome.

Now I don’t think this will sway @Antonis984 from his decision nor am I trying to do so - I am merely correcting a highly skewed truth

Why do you keep adding up ally sparrows HP, and then totaling that value?

Adding them for a single hero, 3x max is legitimate since they function similar to temporary HP boost. But at slow speed.
Combining allies as if that’s the value for all is not just misleading. It’s wrong!

+126 HP per sparrow is dependent on a pure health path, and is the difference from level 3.7. That’s not skewing anything.
And if a player chooses to spend mats but not waste emblems, then the difference is only +52 HP per sparrow!

If…your Noor is firing her SLOW skill…
A SECOND time!
And all your allies are still alive?!?..
And lol… not only have Everyone’s 1st sparrow still breathing but at full health?!?
In upper diamond…

That still would NOT have a value of 1,260 hp. It would be 252 hp.

C’mon @Homaclese… I’m not really “unrelentlessly mocking” anything…

I’m weighing in with straight facts, and

I’ve watched your videos. I’ve noticed all the 5 minute timers ticking down and that does suggest your able to fire Noor twice. Even three times in a match from dragging so many of them out.

But the stronger your enemies… the less allies you had left. Even after playing Noor 10,000 times and posting the videos with great boards. It’s inaccurate of you to tell people who are trying to decide spending valuable material that the sparrows are going to provide an added meat shield of 1,260

Kunchen heals 42% health, not 210%


What type of hero progression leads to more health boost? Going from 3/70 to 4/80? Taking health path, defense path, attack path? Increasing the hero class emblem? No, there is nothing apart from maxing the special from 1 to 8. You can boost individual values, but nothing that boosts the heal for all (Anzogh might be a bit of an exception as his heal all gets boosted by increasing his attack).

Hence this is why saying her sparrows go up by a “Measly” 126 HP is misleading because she does not spawn one minion per raid - you have to look at the cumulative impact of increasing her individual health

It really isn’t misleading. Mostly because I’m not saying per raid
Today is Thanksgiving. Which it’s not.
And then you would STILL be mistaken.
Because… I said… parade!

Noor does she summon twice for 5 heroes every raid either. That…! Is not misleading… it’s incorrect.


She DOES summon 1 sparrow per hero
Every single time she fires her slow skill

If she is the last one alive. Before she does fire her slow skill, then:

She will only summon 1 sparrow :rofl:
And for @Antonis984, that sparrow will have 126 less HP. Without any “truth skewed” whatsoever

However… @Antonis984 WILL have:

  • 1,125 Druid emblems
  • 1 Damascus Blade
  • 1 Tome
  • 6 Rings
  • A large militia of recruits
  • Months of ham
  • Enough Iron to build an aircraft carrier

Some minor skewing on this last bit, admittedly… As I lack exact measurements.


Understand that you have not read the whole chain of posts…the original claim was tongue in cheek!

Really? I find her more useful against those heroes. The pseudo heal is golden against AoE esp given Cobalt’s bypass and taunt doesn’t impact minions.

I like Noor, I place her beside a hero that has mana boost to speed her up a bit. On my mono fire team I finished most levels on the current challenge event with full or very close to full health as I made sure all 5 heroes had 3 sparrows going into the last wave and they held pretty well. The scatter damage when there isn’t your element on the board to attack with is also useful in taking out enemies, same with other minion summoners though I suppose. I play her on all nature tank raids and I do pretty well. Agree with previous comment that a small extra minion ability would compensate for her being slow. Given I don’t get HoM often, I’m happy I took her on to the talent grid.

I mean I have her as my avatar so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I respect your opinion but totally disagree.

1 Against minion summoner slow is offset to some extent by her innate ability

2 Agree…your Point being?

3 “In a fast mana round noor is the last option”; Wrong! Those of us who understand her value use her strategically and where she will be of most use…not last!

4 Who is the everybody that understands something is missing in this hero? If you have read this thread, no one will complain about a buff. But plenty see a use for her. Gross generalizations do nothing to support your logic!

She is the only hero I have that summons a minion and all my 5* fire heros are slow so I can’t compare her to other summoners or faster fire heros. My take is relative to the other heros I have to play with and from within my roster I like her :slight_smile:

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I like that you have reply to yourself.
I have caught myself doing that while showering.

I still use my 3.7 Noor. And I have over 40 max’d 5* to compare.

I like her innate Hotm ability. I meditated on that skill a lot when the hero was released. It is much stronger than most give Noor credit for.

For me that innate ability is strong enough, to warrant saving all these resources:

As I only use her vs. multiple summons. And that Hotm skill keeps her alive! It balances out the lack of rings.
Unfortunately… as my roster grows. I use her less and less. But this is the design. An unavoidable experience.

I didn’t mean to reply to myself lol! New to using the forum, not used to it yet. I meant to reply to @antonis984 who I think directed their message at me, but I wasn’t sure of that either! I’ll learn :wink:

For me, Noor has been useful on my mono-red to beat up on people in raid & war who use Telly/Seshat or Lady of the Lake.

She works really well in this way, her minions are some of the strongest in the game, it is fun, but limited in utility.

My mono red setup for these battles is BT-20, GF, Kelile-20, Elena, Noor.

Elena’s counter attack on Noor is great when the teams have Finley & Jabberwockey, and other AOEs like Drake Fong, GM, etc. The minions help Noor survive the beatings.

Also I respect yours and I understand if you don’t have any other slow hero your opinion is acceptable… but if you have then you see what damage even strategic they can do all other slow hero’s

Also in fast mana rounds off course she is the last choice … first off all she is not even cleanser … can you see other slow heroes ??? They have buff attack, defends, boost mana , blind …

Noor has only summons nothing else…

I can use strategic other slow heroes more better than her … she is the last option she has some potential off course to use her but she is limited … she need a buff urgently I don’t know what buff but she needs . She can do a lot better as slow hero …

Strategic you can you any one this is the truth … but you have to notice the best results …

You say :
Those of us who understand her value use her strategically and where she will be of most use…not last!

If understand noor value then you can understand also the other slow heroes value … and a slow Nama hero must have better special skills than moderate or fast …

Noor is Truly OP! Toughest tank ever!!!

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Well @Homaclese, I found THE team to bring Noor to and she was absolutely the reason why I won:

After getting my keyster handed to me twice, it hit me to sub Noor in (at 3/70 mind you) to deal with all the pesky minions! I never really realized what a PITA that cat was with other minion makers. Anyways, she did the trick:

If THIS is the new meta, I’m ascending Noor. LOL!

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