Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

@BigDaddyLewis77 this is the Noor thread I was telling you about

I think this thread should really be titled “Grazul is a great offensive hero”. Without her in the party, any Vela team would absolutely shred Noor.

Nah. I like the original title. Has more pizazz.


How would you nerf OP Noor? Have her do damage to herself? Have her only summon minions for her neighbors? Change her innate ability so she only acquires the minion if she’s taking damage from the special?


I agree she may be OP in this lineup Atomos - Noor - Ariel - Ursena - Poseidon… :smiley:

Those that voted marjana probly don’t share this same sentiment

Well, since this is still a rather vivid discussion, here’s an update from me: I’m still leveling Noor, have her at 4/37 now. I still don’t think she is OP, but I still think she is far from useless and she is not the worst hero in the game. My standard setup against the annoying GTV-Combo used to be Costume Rigard, Finley, BK, Elena, Kestrel. By now I’m almost always taking Noor instead of Elena. Why? Because Elena is far more useless than her. She has a low defense stat so as a slow hero, she is usually dead before her special is in any way useful to me (and I apologize for continously complaining about Elena dying early, it just bugs me a lot). Noor has a higher defense stat, so at least I get to use her special - which makes her better than Elena, in my opinion. Does Noor make me win every raid? Of course not. But she makes me do sligthly better than before, at least. :grin:
From reading through this thread I also got the feeling that most of the noor-is-trash-people have never actually tried her. I have and I don’t share the sentiment - I’m sorry, I really tried to see your point but I just don’t :man_shrugging:

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I still can’t figure out how 1 slow hero in a mono setup makes a difference outside of tile damage

By the time you have 12 tiles, you’ve already charged 4 other specials and a 1/3 or 1/2 way to charging them again so in a pretty solid position as is without even using the slow hero special

You’re usin 4-1 but still…


My take on this is that successfully stacking reds with devastating specials requires

  • having those reds in the first place
  • having the tiles early enough that those heroes dont die before casting

With thr gtv and friends scenaripo and almost all defense heroes being very fast i dont find that possible at all. Sure i can kill tel in 4 tiles but then before i special up half my team dies from the reprisal attack. Subsequent red tiles arent effective enough especially against blue heroes. So ive had to completely change my strategy to a defensive one which can survive through multiple specials. That means healers blockers mana control and other support ie noor. So at 12 tiles ive taken out tel but my specials havent decimated their team - but im in a good position to continue whittling them down. Swap out some of those defensive and support heroes with more attacking heroes and the scenario changes - and unless ive gotten lucky with the tiles half my team is dead by the 12 tile mark. So in this defensive configuration slows do add value and in fact usually end up firing multiple times. Noor fortifies your position more and more the longer the match goes on


My suggestion was making her very slow

Disclaimer: not an actual suggestion


I think the sucess in those battles are because of Grazul and WilbuTusk combo. The boards were not that trash too.

But I’m happy you’re happy with her besides don’t expect any nerfing in her - you’re 1 in 1000 people who liked her.

Again, this lineup is dangerous because of Ariel, Ursena and maybe Poseidon. Atomos is good now after his buff but how could Noor make me feel scared in those heroes presence? Jean would be more annoying than her and he had the same rarity as her.

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Not only that, but when Noor fires you get what amounts to a 25% heal with the minions. Granted you also get that undispellable 30% defense bonus on the elemental link (which IS pretty good), but still you’re better off bringing Boldtusk with costume and emblems. At that point he’s almost fast mana, gives more “heal” at 27%, and gives you the 48% attack buff. Plus he’s as survivable as Noor with 894 defense and 1325 health.
Noor plainly just sucks as a slow mana hero.

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You invested in her, you like her, I’m not goin to try to deter that

But when you start looking to get consistent in mono, I’d keep what i said in mind and probly add “why fire 5 in 12, if you can fire 5 in 10 or less”

Last I’m sayin about it

Have fun and good luck, enjoy your card


I have bt. An extra bt is wasted but bt and noor together synergise well. Plus the minion killing ability is an actual thing

I recorded a win rate of 91% with my blue mono over 125 matches a while back (1 slow on the team) so i do know how to get consistent results with mono. Its harder in red and so im relearning some things. Im actually playing around with 3 2 at the moment with c rig and proteus and noor lady loki and grazul

Ok…I’d still venture a fast mana emblemed Kelile would give you better results. Noor is just too slow and her special too passive to make a difference. Good luck with her though…maybe you just have that right team that works for you.

I have an emblemed kelile. And no… she is a significant lowering of the teams overall effectiveness

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Her minion is beefy, beefier than those from Freya, and kill those from LotL, Tellie, and MN in case they pop later in battle. The rest got defense bonus of 15%. Ariel increases 24% mana, which helps her slowness. No other red would make much difference in that formation. JF because he’s fast? And who’s that guy by the way?

Well, neither does Noor. Zim, 20 emblems Marjana and Jean would be still more annoying. At least for me, of course. Hope you don’t think I’m debating, just saying based on my heroes x my raids. I respect your opinions.

Noor also has the same class of some potent people like Gazelle, Vela and even Kadilen so I won’t expect to see her on wars or raids. Also the same class as Alberichie.

Needing Ariel to work is pitiful since she’s is too rare. I have Ariel and I would still put Jean over Noor because I could fire him twice while Noor is charging.

Again, this quote. I have said that in the comment you replied. Ursena Ariel Poseidon combo will do enough no matter which Red is allocated there.

Noor maybe is working well for attacking for you guys, which makes me happy but if you’re looking for a nerf, im gently saying give up. She’s slow, her minions can be taken out using any DamageOnAll hero, her class has better heroes and she’s slow.

I actually thought it was a joke to be honest. They didn’t nerfed Seshat when the beta testers said to, imagine nerfing someone who is only useful at mono attack.

Freya is FAST MANA. Having better minions for SLOW mana is kinda of a MUST. Freya being fast and doing almost the same thing and having the same class as well who would get the emblems?

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I think you meant to say offensively pathetic is what the OP stands for because Noor is a steaming pile of hot garbage.


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