Noor is OP (Or At Least Extremely Usable)

I haven’t even maxed her yet but at 4/40 something she is performing so well.

S3 map stages are an absolute breeze.
I have taken her on many Tell raids and have had a very high success rate with them. She works particularly well against any opponent that has Seshat… Seshat is essentially nullified especially if she is the last one standing. I have in the past had many raids where Seshat was last hero standing, and she then proceeded to whittle down my last few heroes while she kept respawning. That is no longer possible.

Titans - well not a good fit I’ll admit.

Raid defense - also not a good fit. Except rush attacks I think she would do well there, both in offense and defense.

Events - I think she could actually do quite well here. Setting up a few birds on each hero will ensure mobs are whittled down in a short time without having to waste red tiles on them, thereby keeping specials and red tiles at the ready for the final boss. Keen to try her out.

So… given all of the above, maybe she should have come out at a very slow speed?!? That seems more fair than slow given how powerful she is.


This is a joke right?


Depends on your perspective I guess… Everything I said I believe and my opinion has been formed based on my own experiences with her. Making her very slow… maybe I am just looking out for the greater community so we don’t have a repeat of Tell-gate? The last thing we want to have is more OP HOTMs running rampant.

Nice observation… Who are you pairing her with…?

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emblemed BT costume bonus, emblemed Grazul, Emblemed Colen. For my raids I also had emblemed G Falcon but I think he is not the best fit, I have swapped over to emblemed Wilbur for world stages and he works much better - provides more protection for the team as well as the minions themselves (I think). I have yet to take Wilbur into raids though.

Basically take out Tel as fast as possible with red stack. Happens 50% of the time. Other 50% she casts, Noor gets her auto minion. Get enough tiles to cast Grazul to protect against Vel/Clarissa/GM/JF. BT to heal and boost, Wilbur to further protect and debuff, Colen to do a big DOT, and then the birds come in and do an even bigger combined dot and more protect. At the same time Grazul comes back in to protect and heal again. Rinse, repeat…

I wouldn’t worry about that… Most players seek faster heroes that don’t require a lot of preparation.


Right on… Sounds like you’re onto something. I believe you’ll find there’s even more, those minions are no joke.


Could you share vids please? I admittedly find it hard to believe but am keeping an open mind. Have 2 of Noor BTW.



20 will dooooooooooooooos


I was just checkin. Been “such n such is op ha ha” threads in the past

Personally i can’t see anything useful or op about noor

But opinions vary


I think the point that a lot of people are missing/underestimating is the equivalent of 325 hp self heal every time a minion is summoned through special. I think that is the point that, for the most part, offsets her slowness. That to me is the most powerful innate ability of any other hero, and is the only non-passive one that I know of.

The cannibialistic minions are somewhat niche but getting far less so with the teams one faces these days. A 150-300 hp bonus insta-hit is quite a big thing!

Finally the minions themselves are beefy and “strong” (for a minion) but obviously this would not be enough without the 2 other bonuses.


Ok so I don’t ACTUALLY thing she is OP. And I don’t think she should be made more slow. But I think she is extremely usable, much more so than many other heroes.
And I like the new mechanics she brings to the table which requires new strategies and play styles to be evolved, and new synnergies to be worked out. This all brings welcome freshness to playing.

If she is ever made average or given any other buffs - I would welcome it but I could actually see that may tip her into the realm of being OP.

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I had 12 rings, so I didn’t mind donating 6 of them to her. I don’t regret it.

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There is literally no reason for her to be slow mana. Not even average. This is why people give her so much hate. Freya and the soon to be Bera have similar specials (and both of them have better seconday effects than Noor imo) and are fast mana. The discrepancy is just too big so I think she will get balanced somewhere down the line.


Troll alert activated


You probably need to change the title of the thread to “Noor not OP but usable”

All seemed contradictory!



The OP part was tongue in cheek. Something to counterbalance all the negativity around her


A couple of examples. Started with Wilbur but had a couple of failures so switched back to G Falcon.

8 starting red tiles for both matches, so a pretty good starting board. I have had victories with this team with both good and bad starting boards.

Apologies for the random music - i had to replace some work talk in the background…


Try to make her work outside of mono cause if you get those 11/12 Tiles to charge her with mono team you might aswell just take Scarlett for more tiledamage and win anyway. I don’t think that mono is the perfect fit for her 2/2/1, 3/2, 3/1/1 seems to be better if you use her primarily for her innate ability.


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