Noor in fast tourney

today, noor took over 10 red tiles to power up in the fast skill tourney…

Was there Onatel in enemy team? Or any another mana blocker/stealer?

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I thought something similar happened to me - then I realized I was in regular raids, and not in the tourney.

Any chance that’s the case for you?


Some sorcerer maybe, they reduce mana gained, it’s pretty easy we don’t notice it


No… it was tourney and I should have screen shot… no special line up… rigard in center. I was excited as my opening moving was 9red tiles. Then I was like uh… its possible I switch to standard in middle of my fights, but u hit fight next target without changing tabs and it was a tourney match.

What was opponent complete team?

I dont know if way check into i guess. I was only half paying attention.

Rigard, little John and Colin was in lineup. Might have had proteus. Dont remeber last one

you can check your attack log and confirm the team, but my bet is some sorcerer activated his talent…

Were is attack log? See item activities…

press the ? icon… near your defense team

Last normal raid was 9hrs ago

thats not tourney… thats whatchtower, if you mention tournament you must enter tournament page and click ? icon above your rank in tournament

Ok got it… this team I noticed noor not powering up faster… remind you, first move was 9 red tiles with action on left of board…


Little John and Proteus both have mana blocking abilities

I was completely wrong on hero line up lol…

I say skittleskull trigered her sorcerer class and reduced her mana gain by 50% for 2 turns!

should have took pic after the move. Enemy skills would have gone off second. Ile watch remainder of tourney attacks tomorrow.

Also, just realized I posted player name with pics. If that wrong lmk and ile delete

There’s no need of any enemy cast his special, as i said above the most likely was Skittleskull trigered delay from class and targeted NOOR so she got her mana gain reduced by 50% for 2 turns, that explains all.

roger, might have use skittles lol

How many tiles is super fast?