Noor does not create a minion when an opponent creates a spiked minion

I’ve been struggling with Vela and I don’t understand why Noor didn’t create a minion when Vela created his spiked minion. It’s a mistake? Does anyone have more information about this?


It has to be a minion coming from special skill. Can be from Telluria, Freya and such specials. Druid proc minions don’t count.


I had read it, but in Spanish, the description says when an enemy summons a minion with special skill… That “with” is not the same as “by”, and creates confusion, the description in English is much clearer. Thanks for the info



Another confusing translation

@Guvnor is there a place for these?

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In either case (with or by) it still states that ONLY special skills being cast triggers the Innate Ability.

Talents are not special skills; thus do not trigger the innate ability.

@Rigs there is: [Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions