Noor and Frosth get married and make baby Gunnars (ouch?)

I’m not quite there yet, but out of curiousity i just tried my

3/70 Noor
3/70 Freya
3/70 Santa
3/70 MN
1/50 Frosth

On 1/20/6 and Noor’s minions on Santa+MN were doing 100+ damage.

I know that’s not hugely scientific and I’m happy to try another level / wait until they’re levelled for more results.


So what, Noor is cool now? :rofl:
Looking forward to leveling Frosth and Freya, hope minions won’t be nerfed.

Appreciate the effort!

What is Noor’s attack, and what troop are you using for her?
What is Frosth’s special skill level?

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I think I just threw up a little.

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Ah ha, yes, I was a little rushed in the post.

Noors attack is 592 (!) - she’s got a level 17 mana troop (+22% attack)
Frosth’s special is 2/8 (+18% HP / Att) - I’d forgotten that V37 fixed the issue with his special. He’s got a lvl 18 mana troop (+22%)

Noor was actually next on my ascension list but I got lucky and pulled Elizabeth and Lady Loki in the past Underwild / Valhalla so she’s dropped to 3rd in the queue.
Luckily I’m only 2 rings off being able to ascend 3 reds.

Telluria’s minions will not be taken away by heroes like grimble. Telluria minions will still die to normal attack.

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Noor was always cool
the people bashing her were just silly.

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Sorvina his costume has a Dodo. sure it’ll rock her boat.

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I didn’t include the Christmas hero bonus, because Noor isn’t a Christmas hero, so the sparrows won’t gain that bonus.

Also, I can’t estimate the damage per turn without a target defense number, but here’s the raw stats for the sparrows

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These are some massive minions :flushed:


Without taking any fun out of max health minions, we also could set up some class team builts around that.

So we can use:

Krampus, frosth, Noor, QoH, Santa

QoH, Noor, mothernorth, buddy, Santa

Frosth krampus noor santa carol

Noor ladyofthelake mothernorth buddy santa

Noor, QoH, puss in boots, mothernorth Santa
(Personal favorite)

So especially QoH or lady of the lake may benefit very much of high minion power, as their minions are very much all of their power.

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