Noor and Frosth get married and make baby Gunnars (ouch?)

Meet my +20 Gunnar. He is a 3* hero

He is at:
A 448
D 707
H 814

Meet my +19 Noor.

She is at:
A 734
D 841
H 1605

I use her with a level 12 crit troop which boosts A to 851, D to 1000 and H to 1701.

Her base minion stats are
A 255
D 841 (or whatever is the defense of the hero they get placed on)
H 510

Get Frosth to do his special twice and the Noor minions go up to:
A 431
D whatever
H 862

You end up with minions that have almost identical stats to fully emblemed Gunnar. All with the ability to insta-kill minions.

Easy to do in PVE although I imagine it would be an edge case in PVP.

Not really making any point here other than it is kind of cool that you can use these two heroes to create minion pets that are stronger than 3* 20 emblem heroes


Do you have screenshots of the minion HP with Noor and Frosth skills so that we can compare the HP?

Note that frosth is at 3.70 so his minions are relatively weak


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Not the right topic for either of the questions but I can take a stab at the first question… take for example Grimble removes all minions, gives mana to your heroes and then does damage to the opponent. For Telluria he won’t be able to take her minions but the damage he does will likely end up killing her minions anyway, so the resistance is correct.

There are plenty of other topics about the Telluria nerf…


Noor summons minions to allies with 30% health (based on Noor’s maxed health after calculating the troops). In the instant case, Noor has a max HP of 1701.

30% of 1701 is 510.3. Frosth increases the existing minion’s HP by 30% (up to 200%, says his card). That means +30% of 510.3 would be 663.39. And since Frosth was able to summon minion twice, an additional +30% should be added. That means +30% of 663.39 would be 862.407. Sounds about right if we exclude in the computation the decimals, which would actually be 861.9, which is very very close to what can be seen as 861.

That’s promising. I obtained Frosth on the dying seconds (literally !!) of the S4 portal after using 200 Underwild Coins (I was not allowed to do the third, system told me the event has already expired). First hero was Gormek and the second summoned hero was Gan Ju, with free Frosth. Regrettably, I don’t have solid minion makers, except maxed and fully emblemed Telluria and Uraeus, while my Glenda and Reuben are all at 3/70. Buddy? Kvasir? LOL.


I am NOT impressed.
Noor is hot garbage, and Frosth her cold counterpart.
Sheesh, I mean it’s not even that cool. Theres so many other heroes that can do that.

takes a shower to wash away the massive amounts of sarcasm



Keep scrubbing… it’s still there…

Every day that passes is a day closer to Empires & Pokemons.

And i thought animate dead on DIKUs was broken…

Do you have a limitless supply of feeder troops? With crit troops you get a lot of the potential benefit at low levels. I’d seriously consider looking into the merits of which troop to and not to level. My resources go into my mana troops. Not quite as aggressive but well balanced with some extra benefits; even with a mana troop you still have the base level chance of a critical attack.

EDIT: yes, I realise you probably know this better than I, but just saying…

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Also, you can only level what you have. No mana troop? Level the crit. Visa versa? Do the other one.


EIther live with the tedious mantra of “wait, wait, wait” or forge ahead and enjoy your own game. Enough people willing to say E&P is only a game…so why many hard and fast rules? Pfft…


I have an extremely limited supply of feeder troops.

The crit troop works for Noor because it boosts minion health. I also sometimes use crit troops for more fragile heroes or fast heroes that don’t need to have a high damage output. Or as @Dr-Zoidberg says at times I just use whatever I have…


Yes, as long as you have them. And still, mana being better doesn’t mean the rest is a waste. For as good they could be, I prefer seeing that defense and health boost from crit than that basically useless healing boost in mana. The game is complex. Stop acting like it’s wrong when it’s not YOUR priority.

Bless you for that warm insight. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please, ladies and gentlemen… let’s not forget that this is about Noor and Frosth’s baby Gunnars…


Could you test Noor+Frosth+x3 Winter Family heroes ? x3 Winter Family heroes will increase Noor minion hp from 30% to 40% and you will get 1000+ hp minion.

I only have Rudolph, so that won’t work unfortunately…
But if that bonus works with Noor’s minions then the minions will get up to 1150HP or thereabouts

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While we are being nice, could some kind person with privileges just move this which has been flagged above but is polite and courteous. Someone please do @ralfocesar a favour?

Sorry I entered here to ask, I am new and I did not find where to write. My question is about TELLURIA, “In a skill it says that IT HAS RESISTANCE TO ELIMINATION OF SEQUENCES” and they always eliminate them, I don’t understand why? Is it a mistake to correct? And now that there are so many powerful heroes, why not restore their Original Powers to many heroes? Thank you I hope to be heard.

I think x3 Rudolph might work. But I think you don’t have 3 of him.

Yes…and what 1150HP should be called :slightly_smiling_face: ? Boril baby :smile: ?

I thought to get any of the family bonuses you needed unique heroes? But yes either way it won’t work, I only have one Rudolph…

Boril baby… even more… uncomfortable… for Noor… than Gunnar baby

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