Noor – 5* Fire/ Red - July 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Nope man! Thank you! 20 sparrows

Mine is an 4/80/19, running with a level 11 crit troop.
734 attack
841 defense
1605 health.

She does take quite a beating. In a recent match she took 6 slash attacks a weaker Odin hit a single snipe from finley before finally dying froma second Odin attack. She had 2 self minions from memory. High Survivability is an aspect of a hero that buys time for other heroes to build up their attacks


My doubt is about emblems… I have no a lot of emblems to put on her at the moment. Gullinbursti and C. Melendor ate a lot of them.

I have more or less 400 emblems for her at the moment.

That is S1 6.8 and the eternal hunt for crude iron.

IIRC… Domitia and Joon went down with tiles. I barraged MN with special skills but she didn’t quite die on the first assault. The red tiles barely tickled Richard. I intentionally ghosted BT throughout the fight to avoid his heal.

MN actually did fire off once, bringing back Dom and Joon, but I was able to take them out again with tiles. Richard kept hammering away at me the whole time, and the only reason I was able to withstand it was because of a combination of Noor’s minions providing cover defense while my own master chef BT provided me with heals. Targeted MN again with specials, finally taking her out. Then used a combination of specials and tiles to finish off Richard, before focusing my last remaining attacks on BT.

It wasn’t an easy fight, but I came out victorious in the end, thanks in large part to Noor’s minions.

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Thank you for sharing! Useful and interesting explanation. I need some sturdiness in my red roster so I will go with Noor, I have Elena and Azlar (no costumes) as other options but for my roster I think she is the best one at the moment.

Trying to get Frosth too!

Thank you again!

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No problem!

I will say that it could have easily gone the other way if I didn’t have any red matches early in the fight. I got a “decent” starting board on that one, in that I was able to assemble a few red matches early in the fight. Nothing spectacular like diamonds or combos, but when going mono, you really only need one or two on-color matches to inflict heavy damage. If my starting board had no red tiles on it, I would have gotten absolutely destroyed.

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It is my understanding that Noor works better with a crit troop. So you may have done the right thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

With Noor and her minions, game play is slowed down, so there is enough time to touch her off 3 maybe 4 times easily.


Huh… I just figured with slow mana, putting a mana troop on her might help her charge quicker. But hey, whatever works, right? I’m not going to question a success. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the notion that “game play should be over before a slow hero fires 3 times”, well that all depends on the tiles. Most of my PVP battles are over relatively quickly and decisively. But a healer vs. healer battle can potentially last for eternity. :laughing:


Finally…finally after almost 1 year of almost 2000 posts filled with ideas of how she would be better, polarising comments about her. Hate and love, drama and popcorn. Even comments that started an uprising in various threads about her, she finally gets a buff.
All hail our glorious princess Noor and her majestic sparrows


I actually thought her minions were quite strong enough on their own; the main issue that bothered me about her is the slow mana. It’s not like her special skill is so incredibly powerful that she would be OP if she were able to cast it more often. Raising her to average mana speed would not be OP or game breaking at all, I don’t think.

I guess a boost to her already very competent minions is still a bonus though, icing on the cake, and I’m certainly not going to complain about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too (having fully ascended her as I promised :sweat_smile:). I will work to get Frosth, I want my red/blue team minion based!

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I have never seen Noor destroy a minion. I know there are heroes that resist but if she does destroy minions, it doesn’t seem to work when his special goes off. He didn’t destroy Uraeus’ minion or any of the minions Freya and her allies had. I’m am really confused how, when or if Noor destroys minions. My Noor already has emblems.

Her minions destroy opponent’s minion. When her minion targets an opponent, if that opponent has a minion, they destroy that minion and then hit the opponent.

If her minions don’t hit an opponent with minions they just hit the opponent.


Noor does not destroy any minions, her own sparrow minions destroy them instead

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So decided to plug her into my RT defense.
so Far so good.


This is the one tourney where she could be pretty decent. Afrike rules all still though…unfortunately.

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