Noor – 5* Fire/ Red - July 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Ohhh, I look forward to getting this hero :slight_smile: Even if it’s not so good, I still like the owl theme of this hero!

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If she remains slow, she would be underwhelming, even if her minions are quite nice. She could have an interesting sinergy with Freya though.


I decided to hold on my tokens until July, despite not having Raff. I have three slow Legendary healers though already (Viv Costumed Version, MT and Heimdall). Noor is gimmicky and situationally useful at best, though her innate ability makes her better. BUT THOSE LIL’ SPARROWS ARE SO GODDAMN CUTE! That is all what matters to me.


At this point I only want her because of the collector in me, I’ll be doing my sand empire pulls in July because I already have Raf. If I pull her she’ll sit in my roster untouched for awhile, but I’ll probably get to her eventually. II don’t pull her :woman_shrugging: NBD.


When you realize that the Thorn minions might take the place of the prized Sparrow minions…


“Owl” not be pulling for her

(Sorry can’t pun my way with sparrow)


Or maybe I can

“Spar-row” thought for poor Noor, forgotten HOTM


I didn’t even think of this. Did anyone in beta take note of thorn minions from her class replacing sparrows? Seems like an oversight from the hero creators.


I’ve been playing for nearly 3 years & never pulled a Red / Fire HOTM yet. I’m not exactly looking forward to her. But will do a pull on July 1st at Sand Empire gate & see what will come out. Maybe I will have little more luck, as it is my birthday on July 1st


@Guvnor is this the final version after beta feedbacks? were all the beta testers satisfied with this? can you give a colour what the main push backs are? thnx as always

Good luck and Happy Birthday


I thought Noor might be a nice foil for Telluria tanks, but with the slow speed and the Telluria negative mana, if Noor is charged in time to be effective a mono-team will likely have already done the job without Noor’s help. I’ll be pulling for Sand Empire and Noor for additional depth in Wars, but not sure Noor will be used for anything other than depth - Wars, Tavern of Legends, and upcoming Ninja Tower. I just don’t see Noor sneaking into a top Raid or defense team for those that have a reasonable slate of 5-star and/or costumed 4-stars.


Here’s a pretty good snapshot of how people really feel about her last beta form. Still not convinced that when they give her the Anzogh treatment and launch her at average speed unannounced that she will even be particularly desirable, but so far 39% think that might be enough to save her.

If the goal is to create niche HotM I’m 100% on board, but the more specific the niche the better they should be in that role, imo. Noor is a counter to a minion meta that doesn’t exist and shows no potential of existing anytime soon (unless you count solo Telly), and isn’t even clearly better than a more universally useful hero of her color in that exact scenario.


Thank you very much! And if you do any pulls, I will send positive vibes your way to get something good enough to keep!

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The OP has the last seen version of beta. Whether this will be the version released to game, we’re not really sure; will have to wait another couple hours for it to go live.

Not even close. Most were unhappy with her in general… Some asking for direct heal, others for an additional buff, most asking to increase speed.
The general sense was that she did too little for slow mana speed.


Yup. And it was, like most things, ignored :slight_smile:

Well, she’s live and SLOW. A shame.

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Yup,SLOW…no pulls from me…shame :neutral_face:

So I just got her with my saved EHTs. I have the materials and a choice between her, Azlar and a second Marjana. Any thoughts on that choice?


Can you show us the full imagine? :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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