Noor – 5* Fire/ Red - July 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Yup. Bera’s got to be attractive so that you pay for her. Noor was a gift in addition to your pulls. I don’t believe “balance” is what SG wants. They want you to summon new heroes.


You do know that the moderators are players like you and me and are not connected to SG.

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Noor is crying in a corner somewhere when fast mana Bera released. What an even bigger joke Noor is now. Too bad.


They play on SG side. They will protect their strategy to the end. So there’s no difference for me.

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You don’t read enough here to know that’s not true. I will almost always be on the side of the moderators because they give a lot of time and effort for no compensation. While moderators help the forum, members who are constantly negative and give poor information are bad for all of us.


Hi @HerogRu; I’m sorry that you seem to have taken such a malignant view of us Moderators. It is as above that, in truth, we’re all just players like you… We just volunteer our time to help out the community here on the forum.

If you had read some of all the moderators previous comments on various threads, you’ll see that in fact we DON’T always protect the SGG strategy or suggestions or views. In fact, a number of us have been quite outspoken & blunt on various topics in our disagreement/ view on some matters… But as is the case with all things, Beta Testers & all other players (yes, even moderators) can only give SUGGESTIONS and feedback. Ultimately all decisions are made by the SGG Game Design & Development staff. We don’t have any more “sway” over procedings than you do.

All the best;


Well, we can all say that Moderators are misblamed for this situations because they only pass message from SG. Kinda like ‘Shoot the messenger’ if you ask me. They also have to deal with the storm that arises when SG does something less than pleasant.

That being said, seeing this makes me a bit enraged and sad at the same time. SG says Vela deserves nerf because balance. Okay, fine, Vela still works well, in fact her AoE atk debuff is very helpful in Helheim now. But then they pull Noor-Bera or even before Noor-Freya. And even if you take rarity into an account (which is in itself dubious claim, as HotM are practically unavailable between their month and them getting into ToL/HA except for Atlantis), there is Roc, who is just bland, or Guardian Owl, who is utterly abyssmal, and heroes like Mother North and Finley. Another thing is how fast SG was with nerfing (since March, when Telluria became a problem, we got 2 nerfs until today already), while Atomos and Margaret had to wait one year to become useful. SG, Noor needs buff, and she needs it now. I swear, if next inevitable balance issue comes with another nerf to Vela and no (significant) buff to Noor, I will spam the Helheim, Vanaheim and Muspelheim out of your support for proper compensation, and this time for reals.

So please, SG, buff Noor, and buff her so she is usable. No, raising HP and atk of her minions by 5% won’t do it!


That truly is ignorant.

I don’t know about moderators saying the balance was good for balance - but I know that a large number of players said it was good for balance, and as moderators are players, then they are entitled to voice their opinion too. The difference is they will ALWAYS voice their opinions in a calm, reasoned, and logical manner without disparaging anyone else or their views.

I personally have mixed feelings about the Vel nerf - I think it is quite effective in breaking up the stronghold that GTV had by making red heavy stacks more viable against it. On the flip side, I have Vel and find her almost useless now to the point that i stripped her of all of her emblems and just use her in my mono blue stack. I have heard the argument about her attack down making her situationally stronger, but personally I don’t see that. I do actually like that she hits all with her attack debuff though as Lady Loki can apply that back to everyone, which works for me when I am raiding against her.

But regardless of where anyone sits on the Vel/Tel issue, it was something which was seriously impacting the playing experience of a large portion of the player base which is why SG acted so quickly on it. People not liking Noor - it results in some airing of frustration on the forums but little else, so it would hardly be a priority for SG. Personally I think she is a bit of a hidden gem so I am not too fussed here, but even if I found her unusable I would just bench her until such a time as she works her way into a rebalancing update.

People really need to stop taking what happens (or doesn’t happen) to their heroes so personally


Considering other heroes with their mana speed and benefits in addition to summoning a familiar, these are my suggestions for change:

Health: 1314 —> 1414

Mana Speed: Slow —> Average

Special Skill:

  • (add) Deals 135% damage to all enemies.
  • Summons a Sparrow Minion for each ally. The Sparrow Minion inherits 25% HP and 25% attack —> 25% HP and 35% attack from the caster.
  • Before Sparrow Minion hits target, it destroys all Minions from the target.
  • Element Link gives all Fire allies +30% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

I believe these are good changes. They will not make Noor very powerful, but a good hero, compatible with the fact that she is a hero of the month.



Seriously OP with those changes


Agreed - way overpowered.

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You cant be serious proposing those changes. Noor already gives a boost to other reds . A nothing despreciable 30% def up against special skills.

So we already have minion maker abilities. She makes a minion per minion that enemy creates. Then you have the elemental link(one of the best around) and then the minion to all. They are very beefy and insta kill other minions. I dont see the need of noor doing damage. Shes a supporter not a damage dealer
I can see your point asking her to be average. But thats all she doesnt need anything more.

Pd: If you dont want your noor i will receive her with wide open arms :crazy_face:

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I’d be happy to take her off his hands, too. One day I want to live my dream of an indestructible all-Noor team…

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Noor is very weak in relation to the other heroes who also summon family. Everyone else has faster mana and other benefits besides summoning family.


Noor is hard to compare accurately as her innate minion skill is so unique - perosnally I think that is the best innate ability of any hero in the game to date.
The minion killing is quite unique too, and situationally can result in a huge damage output (e.g. on corner Seshat)
She is slow, yes. But the beefiness of her minions is also unmatched by any other minion. No other minion (with Noor special buff and Vela attack debuff) can withstand a GM, Vela and Ursena special and still remain alive.


you are forgetting one going. telly. and Noor doesn’t help with her so who cares she can kill other minions when there is none? relevant at least

Noor’s minion(s) can kill off 3 or 4 of the minions that Tel creates when she casts?
Noor gets 1 or 2 free minions depending on how many times Tel casts (0 if you kill her off early), outside of her special casting?
I’m not quite sure what your point is.

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Noor was designed with Bera and Freya in mind. On offense, Noor summons a beefy minion automatically. Bera/Freya then spawn a protected minion behind hers. Heros may seem weak by themselves and many may never have the right combos to unlock their full potential. If you don’t have the right heros to make Noor work, don’t level her.

fought emblemed noor recently she had 1600 health and gave everyone 400 hp minion.

that is really beefy.


In my offense with level 12 crit troop at 4/80/17 she gives 417hp minions.

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