Noob View on the state of play

Evening All,

I’d thought I’d share my findings after my first 40 days immersed in E&P.

Why do I think my opinions are worth listening to? Because it’s the internet and I’ve been conditioned to consider my every thought as intellectual solid gold.

Firstly, I’m strictly F2P. Thanks to all of you that spend your cash to keep the game working. I’m happy grafting and grinding and waiting for the occasional smidgen of quality to filter through the percentages set by SG.

I’ve seen loads of comments about raiding being rigged or how the board plays differently from map levels. It doesn’t, but we play it differently. When you’re desperate to hit with all the holy tiles possible, you make choices which don’t lead to the free flowing cascades of destruction that you unleashe on a puny goblin smasher.

I really enjoy wars and since the latest update, we’ve had our closest fight to date; I know that’s not been everyone’s experience. Our alliance doesn’t have a huge amount of chat but most people show up.

The weakest part of the game, imo, is the narrative! Wow, it’s thin. I have no doubt that the minds on this forum could come up with 1000 original and interesting plots in a week!

Is SG a corrupt evil overlord?:
Hmm no. There seems to be a lot of anger out there, particularly from people who feel ripped off. Understandable if you’ve spent your retirement fund, but that’s the business model. The way to enjoy it is just accept the percentages or move on if it’s not your cup of tea!

I love how many helpful and intelligent people have posted some great research on here. This game is basically Lord of the Rings if JRR Tolkien was a cheap Casio calculator, it’s just statistics. It’s great that people share do so much data sharing. Thank you!


…lol wut

20 chars…

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Uhm… to be honest I was excited to read about your perspective…

Based upon the content of your post, my takeaway is:

You’re f2p and that your expert 40-day playing opinion is that people overthink their board layout?

I guess I was hoping for your thoughts and experiences related to the game for some reason :smiley:

Edit: seriously! What do you think about the pace of the game? Are you enjoying it? What about raids, Quests, alliance wars? What parts of the game do you prefer and which do you dislike?

I feel like the posts title and content aren’t in sync and it makes me sad :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: I see you’re editing the OP to include these details. I’m glad to see. I’ll wait here to see what you’ve got. I am always glad to see new players opinions and thoughts. Thank you for providing!

Join the dark side of V.I.P. pass, its around 0,18 €/day and it makes you enjoy the game better

Yes, raids promote tactful play to not fill foe’s mana bar and get slaughtered while filling yours.

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Ha, I’m such a noob I managed to post halfway through!


Speaking of gold… This sentence.


So true! The bummer is that I’m not sure you can afford to play a close raid with as freewheeling abandon as you can on the map. Can’t afford to charge up those specials, especially if you’re color stacking!

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This was beautiful, the tone, the build-up, the style, and the pacing were on point. Glad you are enjoying the game!

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This is a very thought provoking and insightful read. 5/5


I was reading the forum for a while, but registered to provide my view on the pace of the game. My first post here, so you can judge it as harshly as you wish.

  1. Fun factor. Its not too bad. While luck is the big partnof the game I find it fun to play. I think alliances are playing the biggest role in it. I like the one I am in and that might keep me playing through the frustrating days and rolls.
  2. Progress. I actually think that the progress and waiting times are not bad at all… you need to try some other popular games where it takes you about 3 years+ to get maxed (or close to it). Upgrade times of the buildings are totally fine with me. i will get SH16 in 2 days. Not sure if that progress is considered fast or slow. I would not expect F2P player to get anywhere in the first 6-8 months. My only problem with the progress that it is not even. Your ability jump with any decent hero you get. Imwould prefer to see a more linear progression based on effort (or money people put in)
  3. Luck factor. This seems to be up and down for me on the daily basis. I got 3 4* (one of them is OK), 1 5* (Aeron) and a bunch of 3* heroes. No 4* troops yet. Ice troops are only 2* for now. This is the most frustrating part for me. I don’t mind the grind, but I would hope there was a way to actually get hero I would like to see in my lineup. Maybe once a month or more rear, but a sure shot on what you want would be nice. Can be a tougher things (get 200 monster chests or something like that), but at least some way for me to know I will eventually get the hero I actually want (I dont want any of my current heroes except one…)
  4. Raids. I hate the change. Almost quit the game due to recent update. Was my main source of iron. Cups never bothered me, and I am not intentionally pushing or dropping. I was around 1100-1400 range. The only reason I am doing raids now is the chest and I am actually dropping cups. Have a single hero as defense team and getting my 6 revenges for the chest. I am sure that was not the intention. But I don’t see a point to be higher. The loot higher up does not warrant me to push higher.
  5. Quests. Not sure what they are. They are not really a side story. They kind of hanging outside of the game. Not sure yet what is the difference with the main map. Sometimes I see gem or recruits quests which is OK… maybe… I do them when I have world energy. But not too excired about most of them.
  6. Titans. I think the best part of the game. Cool to see the alliance come together and either defeting the titan or watching it escape. We are hitting 4/5 and losing tp 6* titans in our alliance. I would expand it to multiple titans that team needs tombitnto make it more strategic (now people just hit in any order killing the same one together), but it is enough fun as is.
  7. Wars. Its a joke compared to the implementation of wars in other similar games. Wars should have same number of the participants on both sides. Make it fixed - 10,15,20,25,30 and let Leaders pick who will participate and members opt in or out. Also the whole dynamic of wars feels wrong to me. Imused to wars in other game I was (and still play). Much more fun and its fun for All levels of players. Wars done right would be the best part of the game. Better then titans.

Would be happy to share more detailed comments if anyone is inteested.


Just a common courtesy tip but if you want to drop cups by posting a weak defense team at least post 5 weak heroes so people can fill up their hero chest.

Quests - keep a watch out for the rare ones, they usually cycle every 10 days and are a great source of ascension materials. Current one is Frostmarch.


Didn’t think about it. Changed to baby heroes

Lesley-annia and Pav, thanks for showing me people can still articulate themselves without falling to just focusing on the negative. Both very well thought out and composed posts.

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The war matchup was recently changed. It should be matching alliances partly by number of players this last war.

Were you referring to previous wars?

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Hi pav,

Enjoyed your thoughts. My alliance is a little less developed than yours - hitting 3 and 4*, but yes, being part of a team makes the game much more worthwhile for me.

As for raiding, I really enjoy it as a logic puzzle and to fill the chest, but I skip so many players I usually lose food overall! Two of my three 4* heroes are red, so I really count on hitting green-heavy teams.

The cups thing is a bit of a mystery, so many people dropping cups etc it’s clearly an area that will continue to be a source of frustration and debate. Good luck to the Devs with that one!

I was not referring to the matchup only. You can never have completely fair matchup. One alliance will always be stronger.its just a question of the margin. I was also referring to war mechanics that requires 30 heroes to do all attacks. Resetting boards when everyone was taken out. Another annoyance is ability so see the progress of the war. It’s critical to know how many attacks top people from other alliance have left. What teams they used on what bases and so on. One stream of results on the right and list of top attacker’s just doesnt cur it for me.

I just think it’s not as good as some other games I played. Maybe it will grow on me…

Hi Lesley-Annia

When I joined my current alliance we were hitting 4* as well. We have 4 strong players at the top which helps a lot. We also have new players coming in daily. Some stay, some go, some get kicked, but about 20 people are stable core. Almost everyone hits the titan. We have 3-4 people missing some days, but that is life. Not really a big issue unless one of them is from the top tier.

I am not really “dropping” cups. I am at 1350 right now (just finished the chest). By the time I have chest timer ready I will be around 1000-1200. I just don’t understand the importance of the cups and why raid loot should somehow depend on it. At some point in life developers should understand that they are providing a platform for people to have fun and people pay money for it. To force people to have fun but only in a specific way and change the rules on them doesn’t end up good. There was another popular game that changed one of the core mechanics of the game. It had to do with getting loot for just destroying a townhall. A lot of people left the game at that time and developers had to scramble to implement replacements to stop that outflow of players. The way I feel - I had a few ways of collecting resources I needed. Farms, mines, watchtower, map, titans and raids. Raids are off the list now and they were #1 source for me. So, I am fairly upset about that change.

I would love a way to see total enemy hits left, as well as individual enemy hits! That would be soooo helpful!

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Three years later. :rofl: