Noob View on the State of Play - Part Deux - 100 days

Friends, Corellians, countrymen and women.

After my first 40 days I recorded my thoughts on E&P, and fuelled by sunshine and a baked potato, I bring you my thoughts after 100 days

If you want to read the first thread, which now seem like the grandiose ramblings of an entitled millennial, you can find them here:

Anyway, it’s a privilege to share this digital space with you all, from the ruthlessly analytical to the creatively eccentric.

Forum wise, I like to dabble in a little jovial poetry and adore your feedback. Please send me more inspiration on the quirky corners of E&P.

In terms of the game, I continue to be a daily f2p player, and this is where I’m at:

  • SH 19
  • TC 14
  • 8 4* heroes
  • 24 3* heroes
  • 5th placed in an Alliance around 70k points strong
  • normally stable around 1850 cups, just getting established in diamond

Here’s the state of play, as I see it, on major aspects of the game

I love raids. It’s about good preparation and then using what the board throws at you. I love the blend of mathematical and spatial puzzle. When I see people struggling with raids (unfair boards, how can teams beat me, I can’t win etc) I always point them to the Ultimate Raid Guide…it changed my attitude and my strategy.

War: I’m unofficial Warmaster of our alliance, being the most keen. We, like many, have suffered unfair matches, but I continue to preach patience and perseverance. And we got our first win in five on Wednesday. As a fantasy fan, every war is the battle of Helms Deep, the breach of the Walls of Corinth or the defeat of the Seanchan. So I nag the heck out of my alliance until they use those flags! And I like the new war bonuses. I think the variety gives a distinction from raids but is fairer than the arrow storm. Thumbs up from me.
I also love being able to use all 30 heroes, even trying to squeeze a few points out with the barely-levelled barrel scrapers at the bottom of the roster. More to keep the tactical grey-matter firing, what’s not to like?

Loot: Sorry to continue to be a rose-tinted spectacle wearing fan-boy, but I’ve got loot at just the right rate. The first few 4* Heroes are fully ascended and my others aren’t ready. I can see that if you are pouring in money for heroes, you want to be able to use them, but I am yet to hit a wall.

To those struggling with the rate of loot, I would say this, if you think that increasing the rate of mats would make you happy, would we not have the same problem on three months. Once the expectation is met, would impatience set in again? I really don’t mean to patronise, but I find the buzz of getting that last item would be devalued if it was accelerated.

Events and Rare Quests: A nice change of pace. I love reading all the clever analysis on how to beat the new bosses, and I’m moving towards a team that will let me complete more of them.

Alliances: I moved to my second alliance recently and have found a good match. Active and low stress with good co-operation. Recruiting does require a fair amount of effort and we do kick non-active players where necessary. I would like to see action on zombie alliances and AWOL leaders - as our leader has logged in once in a month. Fortunately the coleaders have their heads screwed on, but there are a small number of options denied to us, such as war opt out.


What a great resource - so many smart people putting their heads together.

Even in my short time, I see cycles of issues and frustrations. I actually think SG are reasonably responsive and with a bit of patience, most of the issues are ironed out.

I am not a fan of whiners who haven’t done their research. Please, please hit the magnifying glass before adding your vexation.

That being said, legitimate specific problems, well articulated, are usually met with constructive support from the community. Give yourselves a pat on the back. If you haven’t dared explore the internet, read the average YouTube thread for a taste of the moronic bile that is available.

And on that topic, hats off, as ever to our moderators. I don’t know how you got it all in.

That’s all for now. All the best with your endeavours, I hope to meet you in the debating chamber and on the field of battle.

And read more poetry.


Finally someone who isn’t whining, left right & centre!

It’s refreshing to read a positive post on the various aspects of the game, that I myself, enjoy.

I look forward to reading your next post in 40 days :wink:

Alrighty, back to reading posts that are grammatically incorrect for this grammar nerd :smiley:


Never figured out that split infinitive thingy

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If it’s good enough for Captain Picard, it’s good enough for me :nerd_face:

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I blame it on the parents

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I like Rose-colored glasses when I can’t get Peril Sensitive Sunglasses. :grin:

I appreciate your take on Raid and War particularly. Thank you. :wink:

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Since you did yours, I’ll do mine soon.

I’m 6 days away from 50 days, so I’ll do it every 50.


Oooh Seanchan I like your tastes. Before every war attack I always shout “It’s time to toss the dice!”

Greetings, fellow channeller. How about a Wheel of Time E&P event?? That would be A-may-zing.

Oh your mana bar is fully charged. That’s cute…


I would throw money at this event SO HARD if it happened lol

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