NOOB ?'s: Where are the 3*'s / Level up a 5*

Hello all; first time poster. I’ve been playing for between 1-2 weeks. Currently at Level 16, building SH9 with TC7. Trying to play for free.

I’ve max leveled & Ascended all my 2* hero roster; those are the ones I got from random finds or daily summon. The only 3*'s I have are the free Bane and a 3* Kailani from a daily summon. Where do I get more 3*'s to work on leveling? I don’t want to “waste” red, blue, green, and purple feeder heroes on leveling Bane if they could more effectively be going towards their own color 3*'s. Do you have to spend slowly acquired 300 gems on Elemental or Epic summons?

Current Team 1:

The Red Lvl 40 4/8 Special Zudak is sitting on the sidelines.

You’ll obviously notice that I tried spending my 300 gems on an Elemental Summon yesterday and got insanely lucky pulling 5* Elena. :open_mouth: Is there a special strategy to leveling up a 5* when you’re this early in the game? Should I wait for something or just start throwing red 1* & 2* feeder heroes at her ten at a time?

After reading some starting guides on here I’ve focused my building SH & TC to get to TC11. I’ve got 3 mines and 6 farms all at Level 8.


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You can also get 3* from your daily summon or from your TC when high enough.

As you have no other red then sure feed hear your red 1* & 2*. No need to do 10 at a time. When you get a red 3* or 4*, you can then switch to leveling it up instead of Elena. It will take quite a while to get her leveled fully so better to do others first when you get them. But nothing lost in doing her until then.

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Go to TC 13 as fast as possible. There you will get all the 3* heroes you want. :smile:

Meanwhile use the dayly summon tokens and if you get a 3* in a color you dont have one yet start training.

Good luck.

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I agree with the advice given above. Also, if you aren’t already in a good active teaching alliance, you should join one. There is a thread under Alliance Recruitment that lists a number of different ones.

Also, leveling up Bane is not a waste. He’s the best yellow 3* in the game.

My alliance family, Seven Days Departed, has a helpful website that includes a comprehensive hero rating. Many useful resources.

The elusive Epic Hero Tokens are guaranteed to give you a 3*, with a chance of 4* and 5*. Even the daily summons tosses out the occasional 3* hero (see the odds under the ? icon in the upper left).

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Damn, just two weeks in and already scores a 5* hero? Very lucky! It took me a couple months to score my first…only have two total.