Noob 4* Team

I am new to the game and have been leveling my 5* Team. Thanks to a noob slap from @Kerridoc and @Rockstar9280 I started working on a 4* Star team too.

My head is swimming from all the data and tips on the forums—L-R AI hits, T,F,W, stacking and non stacking specials, synergy, rainbow teams, monochrome teams, etc…wow.

So I put together a team that I just think would be fun to raid with, especially as a D Team, and wanted to subject myself to some critique on why this is or isn’t a good team.

This is my current team

I know everyone has different opinions on the same players so wanted to get feedback to see where I may or may not be off base…plus I wanted to make my first topic :wink:

Your proposed team has 1.5 hitters. It’s a workable defense team, but I don’t like it for offense. In particular, Riposte (Boril) isn’t a great general choice—great defending against AoE attack, but less so for snipers.

I’d leave BT and Rigard, both excellent heroes that will keep the team healthy and buffed.

I like both Grimm and Triton, but Grimm more than Triton. Do both, Grimm then Triton. Grimm’s defense debuff skill is hugely valuable.

Gormek has the same skill as Grimm, but in a defense-heavy package. Good choice after BT is done.

With double healers, I’d go with Little John over Gadeirus. LJ will give some real bite to your team. He’s squishy, but you have healers. Defer Gadeirus to your next green.

On purple, finish Rigard then go back to Sartana. No other 4* options.

On yellow, you’ve got no 4*. I’d run with Vivica.


thanks @Kerridoc yes was thinking more defensive for the 4* based on what has given me fits and thought they would feed off each other enough to piss raiders off. Will take your advice for the mix for Offense…and also working on my troops, saving up for level 3 now.

One month old you say… Well, you sure got the heroes… now good luck leveling them… work on your base meanwhile… in the next 5 or 6 month, when you will get the ascension materials needed to ascend a few of your heroes your team will be a force to be reckoned with… My advice? Slow down, take a few steps back to see the big picture, join an alliance (if you haven’t already joined one) learn about events, rare quests, titans, elemental chests mystic visions, alliance wars and all other sources of ascension materials, for you will desperately need them soon… I also would restrain myself from spending gems on pulls for a while. I’d keep my gems for the offers that guarantee ascension materials.

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thanks @Ian487 great advice…I am in an alliance but its dead. Found one I really like and reached out to them for future openings.

and yes, I went a little crazy on the heroes–i’m an old school WOW gear whore so couldnt help myself. Still want to get Alasie and Guin, but other than that just leveling these and troops…wow those cool downs and costs hurt.

I am reading up and learning AW strats and building depth for that…as for cups I stopped rerolling to get teams I know I could beat, and am taking on most line ups even if i know I will lose just to learn and get experience against different lineups.

Enthusiasm is always good! A little piece of advice… Don’t go hunting for specific heroes, for there could be months passing and great amounts of money spent until you get them or you might just as well not get them at all… Work on the ones you got, they are great heroes. Heed @Kerridoc 's advice on who you should concentrate on for leveling. Mind the level or the alliance you want to join. Choose one that has at least a few members close to your level. At your current state, you will not be able to keep the pace with the top dogs of even a medium level alliance and that can get a bit frustrating… Many of the great alliances have satellite training alliances around them, where players with potential but being in the early stages of the game can learn a lot of useful tricks.


HOW are you new and have all those heros? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Spends lots of money… So sad///

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commence with the gem shaming lol but yes, money and luck…so far I have gotten a 5* and/or bonus 5* on almost each 10 pull i’ve done.

Peoples heads are going to explode with the amount of 5’s you have.

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after they explode if they would keep being the helpful community I have experienced so far and help me learn from their mistakes and triumphs, I am grateful in advance. This is a fun game and fun community…but I understand, when I played WOW I got frustrated when I spend hundreds of hours farming the wintersaber mount then they made it available to everyone. I get it…that wasnt the point of the post though. just trying to engage and learn. Reading the forums has become my favorite way to spend time between cool downs.

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I will agree with @Kerridoc regarding this team. Needs some hitters or your hoping to draw out the fight which isn’t always good.

If your looking for an alliance mine is mid tier. Just beat our 2nd 8* in a row (our first 2). Wars have good participation. We are looking for a couple hitters. It’s a good group of people. Everyone isn’t chatty but a few of us our quite a bit. The alliance is called “Emma Strikes Back” leader is Zippo. One of our members hit #5 global and I have hit #1 in Portugal. We are growing quite well. I have been there just over 300 days and have seen a lot of improvements.

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