Nonfarmable ascension items not dropping since update to 1.14

Since 1.14, I have gotten essentially no nonfarmable ascension items. The last item I got was from Farholme Pass more than one week ago:

That was the last ascension item I got. Prior to 1.14, the longest I went was 3 days. It’s now more than a week since then. Before the update, I averaged 1.2 nonfarmables per day; since the update, I’m at 1.09 and falling:

I’ve been keeping detailed track for almost 3 months and This is getting ridiculous. @Petri and @EmpiresPuzzles don’t give me the same old song and dance about randomness. This coincides exactly with the release of 1.14. Please fix.

Yes, I filed a formal bug report.


I can’t speak for everyone but nothing seems to have changed for me and my peers. You might be an isolated case?

Going through my records the longest I went without any material was 6 days in June. This is even while I managed ~1.7 mats a day that month. So I don’t believe going 7+ days is impossible when you average slightly less.

I’m fairly certain you will indeed get a “sorry for your bad luck message.” Or better yet, you’ll get a mat before they even get back to you. :joy:

Good luck!

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I’ve also been unable to farm essential items I’m having trouble getting trap tools to ascend my character for over a month now what is going on with that guess I’m unlucky right???

I just had back to back normal monster chests giving unfarmables, a telescope and a sturdy shield. Then the last Titan gave out an orb. Before this run of luck I’d gone about a week without good mats, other than the rare quest. Fire chest the other day only gave boots and scabbard.

It sux to go through dry spells, but just typical RNG

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20 characters

From a colored chest a few days back

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Then I get this glorious loot today from monster chest.


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In our Alliiance (Beer and Pretzles) we all have noticed that since the update we have gotten virtually no non farming ascension materials. This last 4* Titan we got oil, leather straps, 2 gems, 10000 iron/ham (combined) and some other misc 2* items. Virtually NO ascension items within our alliance and we have been doing well in Titans and Wars.

Monster chests, Hero chests have all been 1-2* items as well. Many of us are very frustrated. Mods, feel free to review our discussions. You will see I am not isolated in this.

Result of a purple chest, neither an object nor coin, only 20 gems. This should not exist in a colored chest, since even normal chests do not receive anything either.

I have yet to see a nugget since the update, but am seeing the normal amount of everything else (including non-farmables).

I never got this issuse mate!
I got 4 campos 5 strudshields 4 hidden blades 1 tome 1 ring 2 Damascus blades.
since 1.14.1 been released.

Haven’t noticed any difference myself…same ole, same ole. Nothing for a few days, then, wham…2 or 3 non-farmable. But not unusual at all for folks to ascribe ‘dry spells’ to some bug or update problem.

This is not a perception problem—for me, anyway. I’m actually tracking this. Every time I get a nonfarmable, I take a screenshot. I then regularly record those screenshots in a spreadsheet. Among the statistics I track is daily drop rate. It peaked at 1.2 just before 1.14 was released. Now look at it:

It’s always been streaky for me, but now the streaks are a week or more in between. Titan loot has tsken a nosedive; whereas it was the most reliable source of nonfarmables, I’ve only gotten one nonfarmable since 1.14 was released.

If you all are going to try to say “oh I’m not seeing a difference” at least try to back up those statements with some quantitative data. Otherwise, your perception and statements mean nothing.

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What is happening with the crates ??? After the upgrade you get nothing but valuable garbage !!! Someone seems to be making a joke !!! How can I improve my heroes if I do not have anything ??? :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


You say that you peaked at 1.2, which means all of the other months drop rates were lower (or do you mean negative peak), but in that case doesn’t seem to me much far away from the 0.99 you are observing now, every statistical distribution can show outliers, or just tail samples.
If you collected the unfarmables drop rates for each month can you share the whole series so we can try to analyze it?

And on the other side of that coin, maybe what you are seeing is within the boundaries of variation. After all, this is just YOUR own record concerning just YOU. My perceptions have just as much validity as yours. It’s a bit disheartening to see a player with much experience in the game feeding conspiracy-type theories about unacknowledged nerfs and lying developers. Especially armed with no better data than the pull records of one player.

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One sample does not an entire data sheet make. But I acknowledge it must be disheartening for that one.

Are you still having a lack of non-farmable ascension materials, or has the tap turned back on again?

This was mine yesterday:


And this morning:


Naturally it ebbs and flows. I’ve had my days with nothing but a rock, a mushroom, and a gem. Please let this encourage you. :slight_smile:

Nice try Rook! But no, it really hasn’t improved; in fact, it’s worsened slightly. It’s hovering around 1.07 per day as of a couple of days ago but I haven’t gotten any mats since. (I almost wrote “I haven’t gotten any since” but realized that was describing a whole different and much more serious problem.)

Anyway, August and September were both low, 0.97 per day, but October roared back with 1.23 per day; November so far is very stingy again at less than 1 per day.

As I mentioned in my original post, I filed a bug report. And, as usual, SG Support didn’t help at all. “Oh, RNG, sorry.” Uh huh.

Hmm, I have found over 18+ months that these things do fluctuate, but human memory isn’t as reliable as a daily sheet. Kudos to you for keeping one. (The closest I have is my TC20 results record.)

But I’m still getting more ascension materials than heroes who need them. Would that change if I were P2P? I don’t know.

Just being honest here. :slight_smile:

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