None of you can beat me!

I’ve set the bar! which of you can beat me?

Win a raid in a single board move against a team at least 600tp higher than your own.

I screen recorded it and put it on YouTube, Check fearless subscribe

Then post back here if you ever acheive better

Good luck

Oh fyi 7 spots available in fearless rn


Proof or it didn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe worth linking your video here if you actually want people to challenge you/ watch it.

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How Do I do that? I’ve never shared a link to here before

Youtube video → “Share” → “get sharable link” → Paste it in a comment here / edit your OP.

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Thank you very much for your help

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Wow… and against Telly too. Well done!

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Very nice.

20 and all

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Put the + 18 somewhere.

Congrats on that win

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Great… Did you use one year worth of luck on that move? be prepared to be beaten by a team with 600 TP below yours after that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And I thought my Bold + Wilbur + Elena + C. Lion combo was cool!!! Double Elena is a massacre, holy crap! Congrats!!!


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Move to recruiting maybe? That is a pretty mundane claim that I pull off in raids as a normal thing.

EDIT: In a single move, I NEVER pulled that one off.


Congratulations. I thought this should be on the ridiculous bragging thread. What I wanna see next is when you start the match with the board auto-reshuffling itself at the onset resulting to several cascades and ultimately the win without moving a tile or casting a skill. Now that’s a sight.


Nice job. Look how easy you took out Telluria and Vella … great stuff


You are a heck of a lucky person.

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Hah! Beautiful starting board.

Yeah, I’ve taken out teams far above mine before, but usually takes me 2-3 moves at least to get a board like that.

Nice job. :wink:

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I’ve managed to record over 1000tp difference but have gone to 1200tp but of course pics or it didn’t happen lol

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Victory in a single turn.
Nice one :sunglasses:

My fastest was a 2 turn:

And several about 1k above. Here’s one of them vs 1100 more power:


Took out someone over 800 more powerful. Took a video, but don’t feel like uploading to YouTube and then here.

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You only need to upload to YouTube; you only need to post the link here.

I believe that’s a TP difference of 2227. But of course, it was not in one move. I did this a while back as a part an in-house contest among my ex-alliance members. It was fun. :slight_smile: