Non si vince mai niente senza soldi qui, mettetela via, tutto pilotato per fare cassa e basta

Decine e centinaia di chiamate senza ricevere un 5 stele. E chiaro come la luce del giorno che tutto viene controllato e senza denaro non ti danno nemmeno le briciole. Invece spendi un centino e vengono fuori anche batman e wolverine :))). Che vergogna di gioco…

Moderator’s Google Translation: Dozens and hundreds of calls without receiving a 5 star. It is clear as daylight that everything is checked and without money they don’t even give you crumbs. Instead you spend a cent and batman and wolverine come out too :))). What a shame to play …

I’m f2p and have plenty of five stars. Money isn’t needed.

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You are entitled to your opinion but, since you are expressing it in what is likely your native language, you might as well do it with correct orthography.
I have a feeling that considerations on statistics are considered more reliable if the relator shows (s)he knows grammar.

I’m not sure that’s his native language…

I would not understand why to speak in italian if that’s not his native language. I think he wrote fast and in anger…

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@AnRui I generally agree with @kyle1893 for language of choice but also…
How many non native speakers do you know who use three gergal expressions in 7 lines?

Errors are mostly autocorrect at its best/worst.

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Nah, I’ve read some other of his posts… He’s definitely not a native

So we are up to something new…
Venting in an uncommon language so that forum justice doesn’t get to you? :thinking:

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La frustrazione quando uno dice le cose come sono :))) Rui tu perché non scrivi in cinese visto che fai dei indagini? Ognuno è libero dire la sua opinione e dovete imparare cosa sia la libertà di esprimersi che vi sta bene oppure no e la verità perché su 14 summons tutti arrivano 3 stele e impossibile. Quindi fratelli di Asia e resto del mondo vi auguro tutto il bene e la pace sia con voi!!!

Moderator’s Google Translation: The frustration when one says things as they are :))) Rui you why don’t you write in Chinese since you do investigations? Everyone is free to say his opinion and you have to learn what the freedom to express oneself is that it suits you or not and the truth because out of 14 summons all arrive 3 stars and impossible. So brothers from Asia and the rest of the world I wish you all the best and peace be with you !!!

NOTE: Unless you are posting in the Foreign Language section, #forum-rules state that you must write in English, or risk having your post removed.

Ehrm… This is actually the “Foreign Language” section :slightly_smiling_face:

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slaps forehead

I’m so sorry…I was clearly on autopilot my last day. Mea culpa!

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