Non receipt of goods

I am not a complainer but I specifically made a purchase for 100 backpacks with several other items. I am not sure what I received and what I didn’t, however I know I didn’t receive my backpacks. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you in advance.

John A. Burch, Sr.
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Have you checked your Recent Activity history?

In game, go to Options (on the bottom bar, appears once you click on Menu) -> Support -> Recent Activity.

There should be a trace of the purchase there.


First off, not sure why you quoted that thing about the Passing of a titan.

Secondly, which offer did you purchase which had 100 backpacks in it? The Tournament offer only has 50 backpacks in it & I’m certain that the Dwarven Treasure offer didn’t have any backpacks in it.

The above person’s suggestion regarding the “Recent Activity” would work BUT that it only displays 3* items and above (and other rare ones). Backpacks as a 1* item will never show up here.

If you do feel you are still missing items, you should contact support. This is a community forum so can’t really look into stuff on specific accounts.

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