Non rainbow defensive lineup

Is this a good idea on defense?
I lack red and purple 5*.
Thanks for any feedback

If you have levelled 4*, they’re probably much stronger.

Who else you got?

Or do you mean when those guys are maxxed?

In which case I’d say don’t have both yellow flanks or a purple/green stack is an obvious strategy

Yes i meant when they re maxed

I plan on doing that with Alby and Kingston. You probably have better combos for the other three positions. Reds next to Richard would be effective if you have them. Poseidon is tough if he fires. So maybe keep him in.

I have justice neith and Poseidon as yellow but no red

Dude, that is a shocking defense lineup, you are almost defenseless against against a nicely picked 2,1,1,1 4* team; everyone is going to have their way with you (you, maxed or not). In my experience, that kind of stacking on defense is really delicate and requires far less skill to defeat than a nice rainbow or 2,1,1,1

I’d be going Green-Purple 3-2 against that no problem. With blue tank you need red in there to counter the green stack.

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