Non-printed Characters Breaks Profanity Filter

Breaking up a blacklisted word with special characters like the code to change color or the code to change size prevents the word being converted to ***.

To be completely clear I mean stuff like [%100], which has not effect in chat, or [#FFFFFF] which simply enforces the default color.

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There’s a report button in chat…

Right, I’m just reporting the bug. I don’t personally mind but they may not be aware and choose to fix.

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All good I’d probly do the same. I’m not in game chat enough to notice chat bugs tho

You’d be top of my list of suspects to have written that bug, @Rigs :rofl:


Me?..never lol why would you suspect such a thing? :angel:


@sara should look into this, I think.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Kerridoc & et al. - will have a look at this!

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