Non farmable materials makes me wanna stop playing

This totally ruined the ge in my book. I don’t mind buying gems to help speed up the process or to get better hero’s but when I am required to purchase or wait for legandary quest to level up my character I’m done. I have several 4 star character’s and a few fives and to know that I can never fully a send them on my own is absolutely heartbeaking. The whole idea of rpgs is to know which enemies drop the rare loot and hitting them repeatedly until the drop it. I play many games on xbox so I’m not new to farming. I am new to phone games but after learning this I’m about to shut down my Google account and go back to console gaming. What a joke

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In this game, that’s Titans. They drop unfarmable ascension materials, and the drop rate effectively goes up as the loot tier increases, which is based on the Titan’s star rating, and your personal performance.

And as you mentioned, there are also guaranteed opportunities to get rare ascension materials from Rare Quests, Challenge Events, and Seasonal Events.

And of course there are all the random, not guaranteed sources too…Monster chests, Hero/Raid chests, Titan chests, Elemental chests, War loot, War chests, and Mystic Vision.

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Right but at that point the whole thing begins to revole around having a leprechaun in your pocket or a fat wallet. Skill and perseverance have nothing to do with final asension


Luck (or money) definitely speed the process, but perseverance and skill can get you the guaranteed ascension mats, and better shots at the non-guaranteed mats.

This is a long, slow game, with a planned trajectory of several years. Even the big spenders have to work at it constantly to progress.

The rarity of ascension materials is the main limiting factor in this game. It’s what forces you to make choices in how you use resources, and what you choose to level.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you don’t like that element of the game structure, you may not like this game in the long run. But I think the limitation of ascension materials is fundamental to the game — I don’t think it would work properly without that constraint.

Is your suggestion just making it easier to come by ascension materials?


Absolutely that’s my suggestion. I’m a noob. Started the game about a month ago and have 3 4 star hero’s lvl 60 3rd acension. I don’t have required material so I start asking around and find out ppl in the same boat have been trying for months to ascend their characters. That’s too far. Buying gems and spending them wisely makes sense but should I have to wait for three or 4 bundles to come along and spend money to get a chance one over a period of 3 or 4 months to max them out. I think anyone would say no. I’ve spent a few hundred bucks on this game and I’m ready to walk away at this point. I’m not just ranting it’s the truth. Do you know how many console games I can buy for 300 bucks and never have to worry about a gem or buying materials to level up a character. I was all about switching to mobile gaming up until about 24 hours ago

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You’re certainly not the first person to lament the nature of this game. If you search the forum, you’ll find plenty of similar posts.

I think play style and spending choices influence the game a lot. If you spend a lot of money getting heroes, you’ll reach limits on your ascension materials faster.

In 5 months of playing, I’ve spent $88 so far — and little of that was in my first 2-3 months. I have constraints on my ascension materials too (gloves!!), but my rate of acquiring heroes has been pretty sustainable for me to keep up with leveling the ones I prioritize. I mention this just for context of my personal experience.

From my perspective, this is a multi-year game.

In that context, I accept that I’m not going to get everything I want, or level every hero, in weeks. It takes months of effort to build your base, level buildings, get heroes, level heroes, etc.

If you find it frustrating to not be able to max your heroes after a month, you’ve got a very long road ahead of you. :slight_smile: I’m quite fond of this game, so I certainly don’t want to turn you off of it, but it does sound like you want a game where you can become an advanced player with a strong team a lot faster than this game is designed for. Spending money can speed that process, but as you’re finding, even with a fair bit of spending, it still takes time too. I really think that’s just the nature of this particular game.

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If one is a millionaire he could lvl up all buildings in an hour i guess, buy all the heroes - need to wait for special offers though to blow some on them. Easiest is to get your 4 star troops to lvl 30 - each is about 2500 greenbacks;)

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@JoyDivision And I think that’s why the game is set up well that it would be insanely expensive to do all of that — you want players to be able to choose to spend money to accelerate their progress, without it being feasible to pay to get absolutely everything…at least for someone whose budget isn’t millions. :slight_smile:

To me, this is a game largely about managing limited resources.

Instead of buying the next special offer of the Christmas pack. I’m gonna uninstall this crap and go buy fallout 76. And be happy with what I just blew my limited resources on​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Well, if E&P isn’t for you, glad you’ve got something else you’re excited about. It is a game after all, it should be fun. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, this game became astronomically more fun for me when I found an alliance of people I really like playing with, and chat with a ton. If that component of the game has been lacking for you, you may enjoy it more with a more talkative alliance.

I have a great alliance. And I’m not saying the games not fun. I’m saying being stuck on province 22 until the game decides to put a half dozen items in my loot chest is unexceptable

I hear you, I was stuck on 22-4 for months before I leveled up enough to finish Season 1 — for me the limiting factor was a lack of 4* healers. Once I got Melendor and Rigard, I had an easy time finishing the whole rest of Season 1 straight through.

This game is different than a typical RPG, in that nothing particularly special happens when you beat the World Map. It’s a fun accomplishment, but you just go back to grinding levels to farm ingredients and farmable ascension materials, keep fighting Titans/War/Raids, and do the Rare Quests roughly every 10 days, monthly challenge events, monthly new Atlantis levels, and the less frequent Seasonal Events.

I understand your frustration with limited ascension materials — I’m just saying that’s the game. Getting ascension materials, and deciding how to manage those limited resources, is essentially the heart of this game.

That doesn’t change when you beat the World Map, nor does the game end then.

The way items are dropped is the biggest + for this game in my opinion, I’ve made 2 single purchases in game vip twice, that’s it, I have earned enough loot to ascend a full team of 4* hero’s to 4/70 and another full team to 3/60 with only gloves holding me up… But while I wait I maxed 15 3* hero’s for events and war! My sh 20 finishes in 8hrs… All in the first 3 months of playing…
If you could just buy the loot to ascend it would not longer be a game but a race to splash cash!
I have many alliance friends who have rosters to die for because they’ve pulled like mad, but my team still hits titans harder out scores them in war. 5* are awesome but until you’ve been playing for 6 months and built a sh to a good lvl they are just pretty pictures!
This game requires patience, and has inbuilt structures to keep it a lvl playing field for all.
Would you buy a console game and after 1 day expect to be able to get to the final lvl by paying more. Where’s the fun in that! There is no cheat code, even the best players have had to grind for months some even years… Accept it or maybe this game isn’t for you!


Is everyone in this thread a developer excepte or what. You guys love the game so much that your gonna say the worst aspects of it are its best features. Yeah right. Maybe you just want brownie points from the developer or maybe you never played a game that didn’t require you to wait 6 months to ascend a character. I’ve been playing for a month and managed 2 50s and 3 60s. Yet you guys act like I’m some spoiled brat whose upset because he can’t be maxed character in one day. And whether you think non farm able items are the greatest thing ever or not is irrelevant to me because until I made this post everyone I spoke with agreed that non farm able materials is a joke. So if you love it great but your not convincing me or helping this thread.

it’s only a game…
take it or leave it, i take it patience is essential
have fun everyone


Only peice of usefull info I’ve read so far. Thanks

Sounds like this game isn’t your speed. I also play traditional rpgs quite often, and enjoy quickly working up the tech tree and grinding for rare items in a few sittings or maybe weeks. This is not one one those games. Here improvements happen on the scale of months. I totally understand if you don’t enjoy that. Many people don’t. Have fun in 76, I’ll be playing that as well :slight_smile:

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I’ve played plenty of games that don’t require so much time to advance — this just isn’t one of them.

And no one is calling you a spoiled brat (or any names), we’re just being clear that this is a game that takes months or years to advance in. That’s how it’s designed.

Some of us like that, you clearly don’t.

One isn’t right or wrong, it’s just preference about the kind of games you enjoy.

It isn’t my intention to convince you to like the slow rate of progress, I’m just trying to give you realistic expectations. If you don’t enjoy the pace from your first month, I suspect you’ll enjoy it even less as you progress.

Even just some of the building upgrades take an entire week. It took me over 2 months to execute a strategy I planned around banking food and recruits while I upgraded my stronghold and training camps. I like that about this game…I’m guessing you probably won’t.

I will say, 3-50 3* and 3-60 4* heroes are a lot of what you have to work with for the first couple months. And until you have 15 or so heroes at those levels, it’s hard to do well in Raids and Events. And until you have 30 heroes at those levels, it’s hard to do well in War.

Maxing heroes is important too, but it’s not as urgent of a priority as it might feel like.

But if you stick with it for the long run — and I do mean months — you’ll slowly but surely progress. And as you do, and your alliance members do too, you’ll also face higher star Titans, who drop unfarmable ascension mats at a bit higher rate.

It might not be for you, but that slow rate of progress is how this game is set up.


Most everyone responding probably felt very similar to you at one month. Common early struggle is not enough boots to get you 4* to tier 3. That is a farmable and it was a limiting factor.

Yet all of us got past that and now overflow with boots and know the expectations on unfarmables and where and when to get them.

With the rare quests you will get enough to lvl 6 5* in a year, add the monthlies and you start finding you have a solid set of 4* and some heroes you don’t need to ascend all the way and enough material

It’s clearly not your game if you can’t see playing for a year.

I have a rainbow of maxed 5* and several rainbows of maxed 4*, with a good bench of 3/60 that I could max now but I can wait for the right 4*s , and a few more 3/70 waiting on material but none that is pressing to improve my team, just more choices for raids and for wars.

Sitting pretty good with around $300 spent over 8+ months.

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Anthony, I have been tracking my unfarmable ascension material drop rate for a couple of months now and I average 1 unfarmable drop a day. It’s really not that bad.

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